Easy Crochet Cushion- for the none crochetter

For some time I have been contemplating attempting making a crochet cushion, however, I am far from confident at crochet. The patterns are just so overwhelming. There seem to be so many different stitches, which can have two names dependant upon whether you are in the UK or the US. A few years back I learnt to knit but now my children are older and refusing knitted items I am keen to get my head around crochet. It is so quick in comparison to knitting.

Tutorial for easy crochet cushion DIY Crochet cushion for garden chair, Tutorial

This cushion really is easy, using purely a treble stitch tr UK (double crochet dc US) Originally designed for the denim chair I have changed my mind – I think it looks perfect on our new to us garden chairs. The bright cushion cheers up the grey chairs.

This free tutorial is perfect for the beginner, learn how to make this easy striped crochet cushion #crochetpattern

Naturally I have used the wool I have, which is a bit of a mixture it has to be said! Most of it is 4 ply which I have doubled up, some of it is DK.

easy crochet cushion, DIY Striped Crochet cushion for garden chair, Tutorial

If you like the cable reel table find the tutorial here.

Easy Crochet Cushion

I have used five colours, mixing 4 ply and dk yarn. I used two strands when working with the 4 ply. Use a  size 4 crochet hook ( size G 6 US). This cushion once finished measures 39cm square (if you are buying a cushion filling perfect for 16″ square)

Create a slip knot. Chain stitch 60 stitches.

Make a treble (Tr) in the fourth stitch. Find a tutorial here. Tr to the end. Turn, chain 3, then tr into the first stitch in the row below

Colour A 2 rows

Colour B 1 row

Colour C 3 rows

Colour D 1 row

Colour B 2 rows

Colour E 2 rows

Colour A 2 rows

Colour C 3 rows

Colour B 1 row

Colour D 1 row

Colour A 1 row

Colour B 3 rows

Colour E 3 rows

Colour A 1 row

Colour D 2 rows

Colour  C 2 rows

Colour A 3 rows

Once completed dampen the crochet and block out. I used pins into the carpet.

To make the envelope cushion you will need fabric 42 cm square. For the back you will need two pieces of fabric 42 by 29 cm.

Double turn over one of the long edges for each of you back pieces. Pin and stitch.

Place your crochet onto the right side of the front piece of your cushion. Baste stitch in place.

To make the cushion ties cut two pieces of fabric measuring 51 by 6cm. Fold the fabric in half length ways right sides together and press. Fold in half again this time wrong sides together and press.

Stitch along the edge of each end. Turn the fabric out so it is right sides facing raw edges enclosed. Top stitch all round the tie.

Fold your ties in half. Place your ties onto the back corners of the front of your cushion. Pin in place, ensuring the ties will not become caught in the sides as you stitch the cushion together.

Place one of your back pieces right sides facing the front of the cushion.

Place the second back piece along the opposite edge, right sides facing. Holding together flip over and pin all round along the stitch line from your earlier basting. If your fabric has pulled in by the crochet stretch out – the tension will not be an issue once the cushion is stuffed.

Stitch all round, trim the corners. Turn right side out.

Fill your cushion – as you can see I have used an old duvet cutting out several layers of the duvet.

Tutorial for easy striped crochet cushion, DIY Crochet cushion for garden chair, Tutorial

Tutorial for easy striped crochet cushion, DIY Crochet cushion for garden chair, Tutorial

If I can do it you can! I was surprised how well mixing the different thicknesses of wool worked – it’s worth experimenting with whatever you have to hand. This easy crochet cushion is perfect for you, what ever your level of crochet skills. Why not pin it for later?

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