Easter Eggs Decoration, Clay Stamped Easter Egg Tree


Remember the wall tree we are keeping up for the year? Its time to decorate it for Easter, to create our own Easter Egg Tree:)

Easter Egg Tree


The children and I had a go at making egg shapes from air drying clay, and stamping them with patterns to add texture.

Easter Eggs Decoration

To make your own roll out your clay to 3-4mm thick. Cut out with cutters, and smooth any rough edges.

Roll out air clay

Next – the fun part. Using a selection of stamps and inks add texture to your egg shapes – I limited the children to two toning colours and three stamps. This worked well, if given free rein the eggs may have become a little over decorated!!

Ink Stamp Easter Eggs

If you are planning on hanging your eggs add a small hole at the top to in order to be able to thread through string or similar. We used a wooden kebab skewer.

Easter Eggs Decoration, stamp air drying clay eggs to add fabulous texture

The children had not worked with air clay before – they loved the texture, and happily continued playing creating all sorts.

Stamped Clay Easter Eggs

All I had to do was hang them on our Easter Egg Tree. Are you decorating for Easter?






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