Easter Card Tutorial

My daughter has done sterling work creating eight Easter Cards, here’s her tutorial (thanks to Ghost Hill School for the idea!):

Easter Card Tutorial

Fold yellow card in half. Using a shape print shapes round the edge of the card, she used a cotton reel for circular shapes, a mega block would work for square shapes. Leave to dry.



Cut a white paper so it is a little smaller (a cm smaller each side). Using your thumb print 6 circular shapes across the white card. This is the body of each of your chicks. Leave to dry.



Glue white paper onto the yellow card. Using a black pen draw eyes and wings onto each chick.

DSC_0007Using an orange crayon/felt tip draw on to each chick a beak and two legs.

Easter Card TutorialFor good measure a few extra shapes were drawn round the sides in orange. I hope you enjoyed our Easter Card Tutorial.

A perfect activity for the Easter holidays:) Today I am linking up with Tuesday Tutorials,



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  1. Love this! Completely forgot using cotton reels as stencils- but LOVE all cards that use finger prints (so personal, and such a wonderful memento).
    Definitely one to try!


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