DIY Valentine Decor

Create awesome valentine fabric hearts using embroidery stitches

The house always looks a little barren after Christmas, this year we decided to transform our wooden Christmas tree it into a seasonal tree. For January is it is decorated with snowflakes,  February is going to be hearts.

Valentine Tree


I am delighted to be guest blogging over at SewMamaSew with a tutorial for the hearts. They are quick an simple to make, pop over to read how.

You can use your hearts to create a heart garland, simply thread and hang

Fabric heart garland


Or make some cards to demonstrate your love:)

Valentine Card

Will you decorate for valentines day?




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5 thoughts on “DIY Valentine Decor”

  1. Decorate for valentine’s day? No, I don’t even decorate for xmas !!! I do however really really like your hearts, think I’ll have a bash myself. Could string them up in the garden the next time we have a braai 🙂


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