DIY T Shirt Sundress, Kids Clothes Week

My final make for kids clothes week is a t-shirt sundress.


Its quick and easy, have a go:)

DIY T Shirt Sundress

Start by cutting out the bodice part of the dress, either using a pattern or following the layout of an existing dress. Sew together the shoulder seams.

Cut out and add two layers of t-shirt fabric, this create the length of the skirt. Optimise the bottom of a t shirt for the bottom of the sundress, this saves hemming.

T shirt layers

Decide on the width of the bottom of the dress, and stitch up to the bodice and on to the arm hole. I used a sun dress my daughter already owns as a template for pinning the side seams.



Once stitched turn right side out.

Decorate or leave plain the bodice. As my daughter loves hearts and decoration I decided to embroider a heart on the bodice piece following a paper template.

DIY Sundress


heart template


Finish the neckline and armholes by creating a binding with more of the t-shirt fabric following the tutorial over at Stitched By Crystal.

heart sundress

One completed sundress – my husband can’t quite believe he owned three different t shirts of almost identical colour!

As you can see my daughter loves this dress, its been worn every day despite the fact its winter here!





39 thoughts on “DIY T Shirt Sundress, Kids Clothes Week”

    • Thanks Ginny – it has made all the difference:) I’m sure she would have loved some sequins but in the spirit of using what I’ve got etc…!!

  1. What a brilliant dress and even better that Amy loves it. I really like the fact you added some simple embriodary to it too. I did wonder how you got the dress out of one t-shirt initially. The colours are so similar.
    Does your husband have any t-shirts left after this week or have you used them all? 😉 xx

    • I did ask him for some more at the beginning of the week, he advised me I had enough for recycling!! To be fair I have used all the ones I had for upcycling:)

  2. I can imagine it to be really comfortable, t.shirt material is so soft and stretchy. I can’t blame your daughter for wanting to wear it now. I think it will look great with a thin long sleeved polar-neck underneath or a pretty little cardy over the top 🙂
    Jan x

  3. Your up cycled t shirt makes are great although not sure your husband will agree come summer when he goes to find a t- shirt?

  4. You’re the queen of recycling Vicky. Your daughter’s dress looks wonderful and I love the embroidered
    heart. I bet you daughter can’t wait for some warmer weather so she can wear it.
    Ali xx

    • Cheers, it’s another of my goals this year to alter clothing – I had thought for me but I still struggle with the cost of buying a new to me item to alter! I will get braver:)


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