DIY Notebook Covers – Thank you gifts

It’s that time of year in the UK – the end of the school academic year. The kids are filling up with goodwill and the pressure is on to come up with thank you gifts. This year I decided to revisit my blog post 10 Teacher Gifts for teachers, made with fabric, hunting through for a gender neutral, quick project!!

Thank you gifts - DIY notebook covers


I followed this tutorial from Stitch by Stitch. Having set up a mini production line I am pleased with the end results. This project is fab for using up fabric you already have.

You stitch the fabrics wrong side together, then turn right side out.

cover closure

I particularly like the idea of using bondaweb to glue the two edges together, rather than using slip stitch.

cover closure, bondaweb

This fits my remit re speed!!

Shirt notebook cover

I decided to raid the fabric stash for a former shirt to create a cover with a front pockets for the male teacher.

Thank you gifts - DIY notebook covers

Unfortunately I have miscounted and still have one to make!! I hope you have a creative week – I’m off to buy a notebook to cover!!






13 thoughts on “DIY Notebook Covers – Thank you gifts”

  1. They are all lovely and ‘sew’ much nicer than the mugs everyone seems to buy for teachers. I particuarly like the shirt one – brilliant use of the pocket. Hope you have a good week.

  2. These are perfect! People appreciate gifts you have made yourself much more. They have a feeling of added value. Im not great with diy so I purchase customized thank you gifts gifts. Which arnt actually that expensive if you purchase online.


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