DIY Leaf Prints

A beautiful sunny day, combined with children objecting to a walk in the woods – whats one to do but find a craft orientated activity on pinterest and arm them with a bag for collecting the necessary resources!!

countryside walk

The day was a truly beautiful autumn day. I was delighted I had packed my camera:)

Autumn berries

Autumn fungi

For some time I had fancied having a go at leaf prints – basically hitting leaves with a hammer which transfers the natural juices from the leaf onto watercolour paper.

We collected a wealth of different leaves. The tutorial I read advised that some variety’s are more succesful than others.

Back at home my son patiently waited his turn for the hammer, creating beautiful arrangements with his collection of materials.

Leaves and accorns

He enjoyed his turn with the hammer.

hammer leaves, leaf prints

He was not deterred by an uneven unpredictable result. On virtually all prints it is easy to identify where the hammer hit the leaves.

Red leaves, leaf print

But that doesn’t matter – we had great fun:) What’s your favourite leaf craft activity?





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