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DIY Gold Leaf Necklace

DIY Gold Leaf Necklace

I don’t know about you but I go through a variety of thoughts re costume jewellery, sometimes I love it, sometimes I’m not so sure. But there is no doubt that a necklace can transform an outfit, dressing up or down.  I’m currently taking part in a buy no new clothes challenge for three months. I have to confess I am finding the summer sales tempting. My day job is based in a city centre, perfect when I wish to pick up a zip off the market but the downside is I am surrounded by beautiful clothes in shop windows. To make the challenge easier I am allowing myself to make new clothes from my existing fabric stash with a variety of accessories.

Following Me Made May I thought my handmade wardrobe gaps were long sleeve T’s and trousers, but now summer has arrived I realise that I own no mid-length skirts and limited handmade tops. With very few days before the children break up from school I having been sewing, and sewing, and sewing – almost as if I can sense the opportunities to sew over the summer will be limited. My favourite newly sewn outfit is this A-line skirt, fabric from my stash (originally Big C charity shop) pattern with the magazine Dressmaker, current issue, (New Look K6106) paired with a black knit top – pattern “the drape top” from the magazine Simply Sewing, fabric from my stash.

A line skirt with DIY gold leaf necklace

To dress my outfit up I have made a gold leaf necklace, using what I have to hand. Bright beads – a gift, (I suspect from Tiger), chalk paint, gold leaf and a scrap of leather.

It really is ever so simple to make this DIY Gold leaf necklace.

Make your own fun gold leaf necklace, a quick and simple DIY necklace #DIYgoldleafnecklace


DIY Gold Leaf Necklace




This gold leaf necklace is really easy to make – start by painting your beads with a dark grey paint. I have used graphite chalk paint but you could just as easily use acrylic. Allow to fully dry.

Apply PVA to beads, whilst still tacky press on gold leaf.

Rub off the excess gold leaf.

Create a leather strap for the beads – trim a strip of leather, approximately 29″ long.

Thread the beads and tie a knot.

It really is that easy – if you love DIY necklaces then you may love my t-shirt necklace, I never wear my essential denim dress without it!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.