DIY Angel Ornaments for Christmas

Have you crafted with modroc before? It is fabulous for creating sculptural forms when combined with cardboard. These DIY Angle ornaments are made from a former cereal box, a polystyrene ball, mod rock, acrylic paint and silver leaf.

My children enjoyed making these DIY Angel decorations with me – there is something very relaxing about working with mod rock, it is amazing just how solid a shape becomes as it dries out. My aim with these angels is to create an effect similar to concrete without the environmental impact of concrete (or the need to make a mold).

If you love video as much as written tutorials check out the tutorial on my you tube channel, and dont forget to subscribe (often videos make it on line before the written tutorial!).

DIY Angel Ornaments for Christmas

DIY Angel Ornaments for Christmas
Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes



  1. Cut your cereal box so you have a good flat piece of card.
  2. Create a cone shape by rolling the cardboard, secure with tape. Cut a flat bottom so your cone stands upright.
  3. Cut strips of modroc, in a variety of widths. Place your polystyrene ball on top of the cone. Apply pieces of modroc, dipped in water, all around. Smooth over the modroc with your finger removing the gaps in the weave of the fabric. This secures the head of your angel and adds strength to your angel. Allow to dry.
  4. Paint the angel and wings in grey acrylic paint.
  5. Apply PVA (UK) or modpodge (USA) to the angel wings, then place silver leaf on top.
  6. Repeat adding a layer of glue to the bottom of your angel, approximately an inch in height. Apply silver leaf and leave to dry.
  7. Take a piece of garden twine, tie a bow around the neck of the angel.
  8. Glue the angel wings to your angel, I have used a glue gun for this (the first attempt took some of the silver leaf off the wings but the second attempt worked perfectly)
  9. Lastly create a halo from wire, forming a circle and a stem. Place firmly into the head of the angel.
Naturally, with children involved, they are not going to be precisely straight but I think that just adds to the charm of the DIY angels. Do check out lots of thrifty and upcycled Christmas themed crafts.

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