How to make Denim Christmas Decorations

It is no secret that I love working with old jeans it’s such a versatile fabric. Somehow over the years, I haven’t made any denim Christmas decorations… its time to fix that!!

As I pack up my sewing room up this week I am particularly struggling with packing ripped jeans away. Yesterday a colleague gave me some old jeans, I am so delighted but felt I couldn’t bring them home – they have turned into my secret stash of denim, hidden in a box on a shelf at work #shhhhh

Denim Christmas Decorations


  • Old ripped denim jeans
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Threads & needle
  • Cushion stuffing
  • Ribbon

Start by cutting out two triangles from denim.

Hand stitch beautiful mini stars simply layering running one straight stitch on top of each. Stitch a variety of stars all over one triangle.



Place the two triangles together. Stitch together using a blanket stitch. Start at the bottom and work up one side.

Once you are close to the top pause. Tie a piece of ribbon with a knot and place in between the layers.

denim christmas decorations

Continue blanket stitching around the top, encapturing the ribbon.

denim christmas decorations

Once you have reached the bottom of the triangle stuff the triangle.

denim christmas decorations

Continue with your blanket stitch to finish the decoration.

denim christmas decorations

That’s it, you are done! The only complicated piece is deciding on your colours.

If you would rather sew denim Christmas gifts I have a tutorial for a child’s apron here, or how about a denim tablet case?

Do you have favourite denim Christmas projects?