Deconstructing a bag

Recently I received a request to make a replica beach bag. Having not constructed anything similar I loved receiving the challenge.

Original beach bag

I decided to start with a few photographs of the original bag, before gradually unpicking it and photographing each step of the way.

beach bag with zip closure

The beach bag turned out to be made with a rectangle of fabric, bias binding, and a zip – relatively straight forward.

Rectangular fabric

The key to making a similar bag is working out how the rectangle is folded to create the shape.

pleats and zip closure

Made of light weight cotton I searched my stash and found this skirt with lining, perfect for the new bag (with lining).

Cotton Skirt

The rectangle of fabric and lining are bound with bias binding, which is folded and a zip added to create shape and straps.

So here is a photomontage of how I made a similar bag for Tracey – I hope she likes red!!

DIY Beach Bag

I am delighted with how it came together, I’m tempted to whip up some more.

Upcycled DIY Beach Bag

Fun, plus quick and easy to make these make great presents:)





15 thoughts on “Deconstructing a bag”

    • The fabric is great, I just couldn’t resist the skirt in the charity shop… I cause offence to people serving if I tell them I’m going to chop the clothing up to create into something different!!

  1. Gorgeous bag Vicky, now we just need a diagram or two and some measurements …..
    It actually looks both complicated and really simple at the same time, I’m guessing it’s one of those projects when, once you have the fabric in front of you, it all makes sense,

    • I thought about making the post a tutorial, but as I had not made the design myself thought best not!! Surprisingly simple once I had worked the folds out:)


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