Craft stall display ideas

For the first time in some months I have a craft fair stall this coming Saturday… it is in a popular venue with a high foot fall. I appear to have gained a place due to cancellations so it is a bit of a last minute affair!!

In amidst the flurry of making, attempting to stick to my self imposed blogging each day, and the usual family life and work commitments I am surfing the internet for craft stall  display ideas:)   I have found this helpful article from UK Handmade – particularly like the tip of not looking bored if sales/footfall is slow:)

Craft Stall Display Ideas

I have treated myself to a display stand for clutches – I’m hoping this will work for my IPAD cases, and four metal bag display stands. These coupled with a coat stand will add height to the stall.

Craft Stall Display Ideas

In my mind I have an image of baskets, wine cases, wooden vintage steps etc.. to create beautiful recycled feel display. However my bags do not stand up unaided!! Plus I do not often do craft stalls so a big investment in display equipment is not going to happen.

At the last craft fair I attended as a viewer I noticed that white gazebos were much lighter. Those who had a table at the front with their stock had more people stopping to view in comparison to those who had their table inside at the back of the gazebo.

One thing I am very clear about is that I will have clear labels with prices – nothing worse than having to ask the price of something!! Off to pursue the various links on UK Craft Blog🙂


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  1. Best of luck to you! I’m pretty sure you’ll end up enjoying it more than you anticipate 🙂
    The woman next to us at the kirstenbosch craft fair (we call her the bag lady because that’s what she sells) has two hatstands either side of her table; in the middle of the table is a HUGE bunch of flowers in a vase. It’s incredibly simple and eye-catching. I think hatstands would do the trick for your bags

  2. Thanks Jill:) I do have a hat/coat stand which is heavy & cumbersome but I could hang lots off it, like in the picture above… Must stop looking at internet and iron stock (agreed to babysit tomorrow evening before I had the opportunity of the stall!) Vicky


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