Christmas Craft Fair

This weekend I have had a stall at the Assembly Rooms Christmas Craft Fair – this has a footfall of 4000 ish..

I applied key lessons learnt the previous year. I added height to the stall with plastic storage boxes, hidden under a table cloth. The bag stands help display bags which will not stand on their own.

Craft Stall


I find display tricky – trying to fit stock onto the stall but not to overcrowd 0- perhaps I should invest in shelving?

As economic times remain hard I added to the low end price products, making up some penguin cases (purchase the pattern here). This was a great addition, perfect for coloured crayons for 5 year olds or lip balm for teenagers. The pattern is well written with clear diagrams. I have to admit a major chain currently has a christmas ad whose lead character is a penguin, this may have helped sales!

Penguin Case

I also dug out some older stock and created a sale basket, this proved popular:) I had mixed feelings about this, its important not to devalue my work but at the same time I would like to create room to make new designs in the coming year:) I am blessed with a sewing room but inevitably I do have limited storage.

Grey felt bag

SO I am continuing to offer sale items over on my Etsy shop, grab yourself a bargain with bags from merely £10 – search Etsy Vicky Myers Creations Cyber Monday and grab yourself a treat or some Christmas gifts.


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23 thoughts on “Christmas Craft Fair”

  1. Display is always a challenge in such a small space. I used to use Gridwall, clamped onto the table in an L shape – it did increase the display area considerably. A cheaper or more rustic solution could be trellis or just wood slats if you know someone handy. S-hooks from IKEA are great for hanging stuff from and make your displays more flexible. Your penguins are cute! x

  2. Your penguins are sooooo cute! I bet they did really well! I think display has to be the hardest thing to get right but your table looks great! the height is fab with the bag hangers! xx

  3. I read somewhere that a stall holder had a sale shelf which was made up of items she moved there! All psychological! I too love the purses. Well done for surviving.

    • Thanks Ginny, over the two days I made £70 once I took my fees and insurance out… debatable about whether it is worth it. I think I may need to try new fairs:)

  4. It’s so hard to make a stall look inviting and interesting without looking cluttered. I know lots of people have “walls” at the sides somehow which I imagine would be great for hanging your bags on. Like everyone else, I am loving the little penguin faces!

  5. SETUP is an Art Form! And constantly changes with the different venues, depending on space, table size [if They provide one], Location… MY greatest concern is just trying to “origami” everything into my SMALL car! Alone. [I’ve got no less than 4 plastic Chests plus a large wheeled-suitcase to handle…] – I’d kill to have one of those “hotel”-baggage-Trolleys *and* a vehicle large enough to put it into!

    I’m constantly on the lookout for suitable racks & “display”-equipment that’s FAST & EASY & COMPACTable AND inexpensive!! — Those Summer yard sales are a great source. Also, whenever I get a chance to “visit” a Fair, I’m often looking more at the Vendor’s “equipment” than Their Products! [my bad!]

    Meanwhile, no matter how much PRE-Ready-to-Display-Packing I do, AFTER the 3 or 4 trips to & from the car, it still takes me an hour or so to “set-up”! And, tear-down… “CLONES” would certainly help!

    Actually, in your case, having a quick-assembly adjustable garment-rack might work… Just straddle it across the end off the table, but be mindful of how the footings stickout. Then, run some shower-curtain-RING on the cross-pole so you can hang & easily remove your bags [and whatever else] from. That will give Stuff “height”, access, and clear up more table area. – Basket-rack-stands are also handy, if you can find some on sale. — BTW, “vignettes” are helpful as well… Just a bit of “eye-candy” to grab the Customers’ gnat-ish attention! Your “nesting” Penguin basket looks good and that picnic-basket. – Speaking of which, I luckily acquired an old one from a church-sale between 2 of my Fairs and used it during the last one. Had my yarny stuff flowing out of it… It “worked” quite well.

    At any rate, no matter WHAT any of us *do*, it really all depends on how FICKLE the Customers happen to BE at that moment! — Personally, I think a little bit of “subliminal” encouragement to SPEND mixed into the Venue “Holiday”-Music would be to EVERYONE’s advantage! 😀

  6. I think your bag stands are a great idea to lift some of the items off the table. I too have a ‘sale’ box and its the one part of my stall that always gets attention – and is the perfect way to offload stuff that I’ve had for a while.

    • I agree Lucy, managed to shift some of the very first bags I made – at the time I would have hated parting with them for £10 when they took 2hrs + to make but now I am glad to see them go so I can come up with some new designs:)

  7. Display is difficult and I agree it is good to get the customer’s attention by having different levels. I use gridwalls and these are great – apart from creating a higher level to hang things on, it increases the amount of space I can use for display. I always think it is good to have ‘bargain’ things because everyone loves a bargain and while at your stall checking them out, cusotmers may also see something of higher value that takes their fancy. Your owl is lovley. Hope you have a good week.

  8. I have to say it would never have occurred to to consider the lay out beyond how it looked but when popped into the craft fair there was at least one stall that I couldn’t reach what I wanted to look at so its great that you had thought about that. xx


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