Christmas Jam Jar Tombola

It is a very busy time of year, especially if you are running a small business – this week I have (squeezed in) enjoyed preparing jam jars for the school jam jar tombola.

DSC_0004-001  DSC_0006-001

The kids loved making biscotti, and chocolate fudge, the left overs handily doubled up as my work colleagues Christmas cards (I would much rather share home made food than write out cards, perhaps it is my aversion to buying cards!). Thanks to Jen for the fudge recipe recommendation:)

Next I decided to triple up assisting my daughter in making her Christmas Tree Decoration for a school competition, entering December’s Pinaddicts challenge, and filling a jam jar!

Stumble & Stitches

The inspiration was this great tutorial for using scrap fabrics from Stumble & Stitches – this gave me the added boon of trying to teach my 6 year old how to use the sewing machine


We made Christmas trees, as this was easier on learning steering – lets just say that is a work in progress!

Jam Jars

Other jars donated included red tomato chutney, mango chutney, plus flower hairslides. I do love using up tiny scraps of fabric to make the flower corsages, it’s very satisfying using up trimmings from knitting needle cases!!

Check out my Pinterest board for other jam jar tombola ideas, or my previous post with 20 different ideas🙂

In other exciting news please do check back tomorrow as I am hosting a fab giveaway… I will share a sneak preview:)


As usual I am pooping by Handmade Harbour – I missed you guys last week:)


10 thoughts on “Christmas Jam Jar Tombola”

  1. The red fabric is lovely as tree decorations or even to hang around the house.
    I’m not a big card writer either, one place I worked at we decided to buy just one card and put it on the staff notice board for everyone and the money we saved by not buying everyone a card we put into a charity.
    Have a great week

    Jan x

    • Last year we organized a collection for the local foodbank instead, but I have changed employer and have no idea of the etiquette! decided to wait a year before trying to organise and see how the land lies!

    • Thank you:) Some great ideas on their – I love the tea light candle holders, sprayed with white paint (sadly unable to run to the cost of the spray paint for 1 jam jar!!)

  2. Your jam jars are so pretty. I have never really got the hang of making preserves mine never set properly. What is the secret? Linking up with Handmade Monday. Let me know about your experiences of selling your goodies at crafts fairs.

    • Have to admit I am much better at making chutney over jam, it’s a but more forgiving re setting point! I have to admit to very mixed experiences re selling at craft fairs, I think it is a trial and error process re local events. I have had very little success at school fairs, so I took a risk and paid for a much more expensive all weekend fair – I took in sales double the cost of the stall. Interestingly it was the cheaper items that sold. Next autumn I am going to try some more, but the higher end!


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