Cheap Tea Light Holders

Fancy some cheap tea light holders for lighting up your garden during the summer months?

Cheap Tea Light Holders (2)

I have to confess to a big birthday coming up, with a small get together planned. Having invited friends and family for a BBQ, I realised we have a zero budget for the event.. hence decorating the garden in a thrifty fashion!

Garden tea light holders

Create simple jam jar tea light holders.

You will need a tin of car spray paint, string, jam jars,  newspaper, and tea lights.
Thrifty Tea LIght Holders

Wrap string around your jam jars. Some of these jam jars have been wrapped with string, some with garden twine to create subtle differences.

string jam jars

Lightly spray two coats of paint. Be careful not to overspray to avoid drips.


Leave to dry for 24 hours, and unwrap the string.

Garden tea lights

Add your candles, light and enjoy your cheap tea light holders:) Anyone for a BBQ?

Jam Jar tea light holders

tea lightsJam Jar tea light holders

Hope you have had a lovely creative week, and enjoyed time outdoors:)

Garden Tea LIghts


Thanks to the lovely Kate over at Crafts on Sea for the great photo tips. As usual I am popping by Handmade Harbour to see what everyone else has been up to this week:)


30 thoughts on “Cheap Tea Light Holders”

  1. Great idea, Vicky – especially useful for marking steps and paths. It might be a useful trick to try for Christmas decorating, too – hmm?! Have a great week, Chris # 14 x

  2. These are lovely honey. Love the photos. I am trying to have a revamp of mine but totally out of inspiration. Your candles would be great for garden parties or weddings! so pretty! xx

    • Thanks, glad you like the pics – waiting for dusk and trying to capture the candles before it was too dark etc..!

  3. I love these! We always seem to have issues when we have evening parties as we have a large garden with lots of different areas and not enough outdoor lighting. Many tea light holders are too flimsy but these look very sturdy. They are definitely going on my summer holidays craft list; my youngest should be kept nicely entertained for a while making these with me. Thank you for a brilliant idea.

  4. These are so cute, such a clever idea. We usually have jars waiting to be recycled so this craft is ideal for us. pinning to my garden board :-)#tuesdaytutorials


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