Create your own CD Coasters

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Introducing this weeks Quick Mid Week Upcycled Make, create your own CD coasters.

DIY CD Coaster

We have rather a kit of scratched CD/DVD’s (a by product of young children).

This is a great fun way of reusing them.



  • CD’s
  • Fabric
  • Bondaweb
  • Scissors
  • Template for circle



Draw round your template onto the paper side of the bondaweb, creating a circle almost as big as your CD.

Iron your bondaweb onto your fabric.

Cut out your circle of fabric.

Peel off the paper

Iron the fabric glue side down onto your CD/DVD.


There is lots of fun to be had, with such a wide variety of fabrics available:)

Create your own CD coasters



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14 thoughts on “Create your own CD Coasters”

  1. We have loads of old scratched Cd’s, I’ve been keeping them just incase I think of something creative to do with them and now I know what 🙂 Thank you for sharing with #ThriftyThursday

  2. Great idea. & I have been having a hard time finding toile coasters!

    Check out my embroidery/ redwork blog if you are interested. (GYB)



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