DIY Reusable Snack Bags, super quick make

Making reusable snack bags with waxed fabric is super easy, and such a practical way to carry snacks in your bag for toddlers, or yourself. These rather cute little snack bags with a waxed fabric waterproof lining are perfect for a lunch bag, handbag or pocket on the school run! Personally I find them useful … Read more

How to make old sweaters into scrap fabric coasters

Today’s theme for zero waste week is upcycling, in case you missed it here is a bit more information about zero waste week. A quick check of Wikipedia, will lead you to the definition of upcycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better … Read more

Why carry out for a waste audit? #zerowasteweek

Why carry out a waste audit?? It’s easy to think we know what goes in our bin, but do we really? Carrying out an audit may surprise you. The process itself can help you evaluate, help you realise habits you can tweak to make significant changes. Perhaps the day I picked for my waste audit … Read more

3 quick and easy ways to save £120 a year and use less plastic

If you have been following my journey for a while you will be familiar with my attempts in zero waste week to really think and action a reduction in waste. We only have one world, climate change is almost at tipping point. So what can we do? there are many actions we can take individually, … Read more

Procrastination and #Menditmay

Do you procrastinate? I know I do… Despite my love of sewing I dare not confess how many months I have been wearing my work cardigan with seams that need a little mending. Procrastination, failing to tackle tasks – in our extremely busy lives it can be very easy to neglect tasks, not to focus. … Read more

Zero Waste Week 2016

Hey what? You are used to reading a sewing/upcycling blog and up pops Zero Waste Week? How does that fit?! I care deeply about our environment. One of the reasons I try and sew with preloved fabric is my desire to try and tread lightly, for my creativity not to use up more of the … Read more

Textiles event with Norfolk County Council

Today has been  a fabulous day – I have been at the event  organised by Norfolk County Council. I went along in a supporting role with a selection of upcycled items. The aim to encourage people to think about their textile waste,  to inspire people to transform old clothes into new items and to encourage donation to … Read more

#zerowasteweek Reuseing our Christmas Tree

If you are a fan of Pinterest you may recognize the concept of our branch Christmas tree. We had great fun decorating our tree. The kids chose bright baubles from the charity shop and I coped with a bit of bling. After the Christmas was over we decided to keep the tree, decorating monthly per the seasons. Its fun … Read more

Make your own phone case with upcycled ties

I recently received a request for an upcycled tie phone case, with a sketched design. The idea to make the most of the tie shape and highlight the shape in the finished phone case. This seems an ideal tutorial to share as part of zero waste week – perfect for the reuse theme this year. … Read more

Reuse #zerowasteweek 2015

Today is the start of Zero Waste Week.  I am super excited to be a blogging ambassador. Last year it was a real highlight of my blogging year. The focus of the week changed some habits for the better in our household, I “met” some great bloggers and had great fun fusing plastic bags to create … Read more