Quick and effective plant pots – Teachers gifts

I can’t quite believe how the time has flown, it doesn’t seem but a blink of an eyelid since my youngest started school. Like all children he has his own little ways and is learning how to manage change – not something that any of us naturally find easy. The settlement into a school routine … Read more

Refashion July with House of Estrela

Do you have clothes hiding in your stash, just waiting to be refashioned? Oh good, I’m in great company then!! There is nothing better than reusing a former garment for its fabric – I hate fabric going to landfill. I don’t quite like to admit how long ago my daughter begged me to buy a … Read more

Sewing teen gifts

What do you make for a teen’s birthday gift? Especially one you have never met?! I have recently taken to asking parents for suggestions of suitable gifts.. I was delighted when I received the suggestion of hairslides. I have to confess I spend too long on Pinterest, whilst browsing I spotted a tutorial for super … Read more

Transform a wicker chair

I Last weekend my husband came home with a “project” for me, along with the question do you hate me? Definitely not!!! I’m quite fond of a project:) He and our daughter had found this worn out wicker chair and decided it was perfect for her bedroom – she finds it super comfy. She was keen … Read more

Create a fun busy toddler bag with fabric scraps

Do you ever get an idea and just can’t resist making it?? This is how I feel about this busy toddler bag – once the design had formulated in my mind I just had to execute it! My niece is a gorgeous 18 months, walking and enjoying all life has to offer. Naturally this busy … Read more

Recycled suit trousers into stylish work bag

With the recent introduction of charging for plastic bags my large tote is incredible useful for odd bits of shopping – but it is not very smart for work. In a recent issue of Love Sewing I spotted this rather cute bag from the book Measure Cut Sew by Susan Wasinger. I decided to sew … Read more

Earth Day Blog Hop – Adapt & Repair Clothes

I’m excited to be taking part in an Earth Day Blog Hop organized by Lulu & Celeste. One of my motivations for blogging is to inspire and encourage people to upcycle, to sew with garments & fabrics which have been passed on by their previous owners. As a family I try and buy our clothes … Read more

Restyled Shabby Chic Dining Room Chairs

Does it amaze you how interior design changes? Ideas come and go… I recently enjoyed The Great Interior Design Challenge, a tv series following would be designers compete against each other. The competitors were each given a room, a brief from the home owner, 3 days  plus a £1,000 budget. The program always had an … Read more

How to repair moth holes in a sweater

Its so frustrating when you discover a much loved sweater has moth holes – here’s my current choice for repairing moth holes in sweaters.. By using needle felt to cover moth holes you can add a unique zing to the original item. Choose colours which tone or compliment the original sweater. Or a huge variety … Read more

DIY Super Hero Costume

This weekend has been sport relief in the UK, a big national fundraising campaign for a variety of charities. People are encouraged to get active, sporty and raise funds for others.


My daughters school asked all the children to run a mile dressed as a famous sports personality or as a super hero. My daughter was clear that she was going to go as a super hero.. after a conversation regarding the unsuitability of princess costumes for running!!

We finally came to an agreement, a felt face  mask and super hero logo on a plain tshirt…DIY Suoer Hero dressing up costume, felt face mask

We used a paper bag to create the template for the face mask. A double layer of felt was stitched together and then trimmed to reveal the base colour. We then added a splash of super hero to the mask.

Felt super hero face mask, DIY

My husband had the brian wave of using the initial of her Christian name for a t-shirt logo. We drew round a plate as a circle template.

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Norwich Fashion Jam, create an upcycled outfit within 24 hours

How does upcycling fit with Norwich Fashion Week? Brilliantly thanks to the stars Kate and Jane and Age UK Norwich fundraiser Helen. Introducing Norwich Fashion Jam… The concept is simple, upcycling and charity shop clothes can be fashionable. Twenty teams have been taking part in a 24 hour refashioning/restyling challenge to bring new outfits to … Read more

Upcycled tablet case – Creative fun with a former jacket

For some time I have had a former suit jacket in my stash waiting for inspiration to strike. When I saw a great clutch bag on instructables from a former jacket (see here) I knew I had to dig it out and have a play:) Inspired I decided to play with the idea of an upcycled … Read more