DIY Fabric gift bags – Sustainable gift wrapping

Learn how to make reusable fabric gift bags within fifteen minutes. These easy fabric gift bags are so stylish the receiver will want to use them again and again! Why make your own reusable gift bags? There are so many reasons! Firstly there is the environmental impact of throwing away single-use wrapping paper – often … Read more

How to make a hair scrunchie with pompom trim

Wishing to relive your childhood? Loving scrunchies the second time around? Learn just how easy it is to make a hair scrunchie with pompom trim. Using fabric scraps from you stash means you can make a different scrunchie for every outfit!  All scrunchies involve straight stitching, therefore they are a perfect sewing project for children … Read more

How to make old sweaters into scrap fabric coasters

Today’s theme for zero waste week is upcycling, in case you missed it here is a bit more information about zero waste week. A quick check of Wikipedia, will lead you to the definition of upcycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better … Read more

What to make with fabric scraps?? Free fabric scraps clutch tutorial

Do you have endless piles of fabric scraps?? I know I do … over the years I have had a variety of storage solutions ranging from cute denim baskets, clear plastic bags and even plastic shoe boxes. I have to admit my stash of scraps can become overwhelming. Regular readers will know that I hate … Read more

Recycle sweet tins into gift boxes

Dare I confess we have become quite attached to the boxes of sweets available at this time of year?! Our excuse is that surely three mini bars of chocolate from a sweet tin is far less than a full normal size bar of chocolate..  but then we have a largish plastic box left. Time to … Read more

DIY Tablet Case – Quick DIY Gift

Are you looking to make a fun upcycled DIY gift? I love this DIY tablet case. The tablet case made from old jeans is quick and easy to make plus it makes a great gift:)   How to make a DIY tablet case RECOMMENDED SUPPLIES: Pair of jeans Cotton Fabric Fusible fleece Button Elastic thread … Read more

How to make an emery pincushion

I have been wondering for some time why my pins no longer felt sharp… and eventually, my mind came round to the fact if my scissors become blunt so will my pins and needles!! So I have been on a research mission, to my delight I have discovered emery for pin cushions. I had never … Read more

5 Great Scrap Fabric Ideas

    As you can imagine I generate quite a bit of scrappy bits of fabric. Here are 5 great ideas for your scrap fabric: I love these fabric scrap thumbtacks, they really would use up all those tiny bits of fabric. Thanks Jessica for the tutorial. Handmade notelets, simply cut out little triangular shapes, … Read more

Tooth Fairy Palace Pillow

I am so excited about this recent make that I just had to write a tutorial so you can make your own Tooth Fairy Palace Pillow.   This latest commission started with the inevitable Pinterest Board for toothfairy pillow ideas:) There are so many different ideas, but when I heard that the little girl in … Read more