Mens button down shirt refashion – womens off the shoulder top

Are you inspired by the clothes you see around you? On our recent holidays in France a woman walked past in an off-shoulder top, dip dyed, blue at the top fading to white at the bottom…It looked so chic.  My French is fairly non-existent so I was unable to be cheeky and ask her if … Read more

How to make a hair scrunchie with pompom trim

Wishing to relive your childhood? Loving scrunchies the second time around? Learn just how easy it is to make a hair scrunchie with pompom trim. Using fabric scraps from you stash means you can make a different scrunchie for every outfit!  All scrunchies involve straight stitching, therefore they are a perfect sewing project for children … Read more

How to make a DIY beach cover up dress

My daughter loves swimming, she has been eyeing up bathing suit cover up dresses in the shop but they are expensive, flimsy and don’t seem quite long enough. Time to make her her own DIY beach cover up dress. It is super easy to do, taking less than an hour and some pretty cotton fabric. … Read more

DIY luggage tags

Now I appreciate I have mentioned the tricky to buy for men already in my 12 Days of DIY Christmas Gifts but I think they warrant a second idea! A good proportion of the men in my extended family live abroad and travel extensively for work, time to design them some leather luggage tags DIY Leather … Read more

How to make a reusable sandwich wrap

Learn how easy it is to make your own wax sandwich wraps. These reusable cloth sandwich wraps are perfect for picnics and packed lunches, ditch the plastic!   As a child, I remember hating the fact we couldn’t go anywhere without a picnic being made first – as an adult I now see my parents … Read more

DIY Denim Box Bag – Box Bag Tutorial

Box Bag Tutorial, lined box bags with both written step by step instructions and video. Great DIY gift. Storage

I love working with old jeans, worn denim has a such a lovey feel to it and it is so hard wearing. It recently dawned on me that I have never made my husband a toilet bag, when away camping we share taking it in turns to visit the facilities! My husband also works away … Read more

Free large beach bag pattern with pockets

Large Beach Bag Pattern

I don’t know about you but a trip to the beach always contains a little anxiety – I dread the thought of my car keys becoming lost in the sand!! A recent trip to the charity shop found me eyeing up beach bags, my daughter stopped me in my tracks by asking “Why aren’t you … Read more

DIY Cutlery Bag

Cutlery bag DIY Sewing tutorial

Today I am going to share with you a great handy cutlery bag, perfect for picnics or taking to work for a lovely salad lunch. The cutlery bag is super easy to make, using a former shower curtain (or you could use PUL fabric) to line the inside. Body image and women is a complex … Read more

DIY Picnic Blanket Tutorial

DIY Picnic Blanket Tutorial For this project use whatever fabric you have to hand, as long as it is similar weight. This picnic blanket is made with old curtain for hemming, shirts, fat quarters, and some from the fabric from my stash. This is lined with a fabric shower curtain, just in case the grass … Read more