Christmas Jam Jar Tombola

It is a very busy time of year, especially if you are running a small business – this week I have (squeezed in) enjoyed preparing jam jars for the school jam jar tombola.    The kids loved making biscotti, and chocolate fudge, the left overs handily doubled up as my work colleagues Christmas cards (I would much … Read more

Recycled Paper Christmas Wreath

  To create your own recycled paper christmas wreath  you will need: Glue gun Old book Paper plate Scissors String To make: Start by marking a circle on your paper plate Cut out the circle Create two circles/layers of scrunched paper Create the first outer layer – scrunch your paper in the middle, and using … Read more

Recycled Gift Wrap

Here are some great ideas for Recycled Gift Wrap – enjoy:) Old Dress Patterns for tissue paper, with a pretty string and gift tag:) Tots drawings – we go through copious amounts of paper in our house so it’s great not to put it all in recycling, what could be better for a grandparent? No … Read more

The sales… tempted, are you?

My inbox is flooded with flyers for shops offering great discounts. Always one for a bargain I would love to spend a day browsing at gorgeous clothes, and treating myself to the odd new item. Several reasons are stopping me – what do I actually really need, time and finances! However there is also a … Read more

Homemade Christmas Presents

Time is rapidly running out for making homemade Christmas presents. My original christmas card design was pressed bracken trees on handmade paper. However I quickly became covered in sticky adhesive spray, and found the bracken difficult to stick down (as you can see!). So instead I have gone for an old christian music score folded into a tree … Read more

Homemade Christmas decorations

Thoughts are turning to Christmas… I am loving this advent calendar, and think my daughter would really enjoy helping to make it. I’m considering a visit to a few DIY stores for green wallpaper samples 🙂 Other ideas include a rag fabric wreath, or felt flower wreath, tinsel made of scraps of felted wool jumpers… I do … Read more