Stunning DIY Garden Bench Seat

Learn how to make an easy DIY garden bench seat using materials to hand. We have reached the point where the children no longer play on the extensive play equipment left by the previous owners of the property. The area the play equipment takes is about a 1/5 of our garden. We decided to take … Read more

DIY Pallet Swing Seat

Learn how to make a DIY pallet swing seat, step by step instructions show you how to make your own for your garden. The children have outgrown the play equipment we inherited when we moved into our home. For a while, my husband has been itching to remodel this part of the garden, so amidst … Read more

How to make a DIY wood coffee table

Learn how to make an easy DIY wood coffee table using materials to hand. My husband has been working on a big garden transformation, removing redundant climbing equipment and raised to beds to create a fabulous new seating area, centered around a fire pit. We love the transformed garden from the children’s play area,   … Read more

DIY Garden planters – upcycle your old garden shed

Today I am going to share with you how to make some DIY garden planters, ready for flowers or vegetables. The sun is out, spring is in the air and we are busy sorting out the garden for summer.   Last summer we removed our semi-rotten sheds and replaced with one large shed. But naturally, … Read more

DIY Garden Table, upcycle an old shed side into a table

You don’t have to be an expert DIYer to make this stunning DIY Garden Table. Upcycle an old shed to make a great outdoor dining table. Eating outside has to be on the of the best parts of summer. As we gradually make our new home into our own space we realised it was time … Read more

DIY Pallet Compost Bin

In theory, the season has changed to spring, time to start thinking about the garden; starting seedlings, filling the compost bin, cups of tea in the spring sunshine. Despite the cold weather I have been prepping for the season ahead with a quick and easy DIY pallet compost bin. Easter usually involves visiting my parents … Read more

How to convert a bath into an upcycled garden chair

A few years back our neighbour updated his bathroom and he offered us the old bath. I have to admit he did look rather amazed when we said we would take it (as was I!).  The bath was added to the vegetable patch as an additional raised bed for our children to plant flowers in. … Read more

DIY recycled planter – don’t throw rusty loaf tins away!

DIY recycled planter - loaft tins transformed into herb planter for kitchen

Wondering what to do with your rusty loaf tins? I hate throwing away old rusty baking tins when they reach the end of their baking life. But let’s face it no one wants rust on their cakes!!  This DIY recycled planter is inspired by the storage potential of the old rusty baking tins plus a … Read more

Cable Reel as display stand for plants

Months ago I couldn’t resist this cable reel, but then it sat in the shed for months on end whilst I deliberated about what to make. The kids are a little old for toad stools and similar, but I knew I wished to use it in the garden. We have a rather boring porch area … Read more

Reloved garden bench

Our garden is a spring garden, currently full of tulips – beautiful. The spring weather is encouraging us all out into the garden. My husband is working hard, on Wednesday he trimmed back part of the garden to reveal a rather collapsed bench. I didn’t quite capture the moment before it was dismantled but you can … Read more

World Earth Day 2015 – a day late

With the best of intentions I am a little late to the party. This years theme for world earth day is to plant a tree… our garden is somewhat full of trees so instead here’s some inspiration for growing your own fruit and vegetables. We are blessed with a large spring garden full of bushes, … Read more

how does your garden grow?

A couple of weeks ago I joined in how does your garden grow blog hop run by Annie. I loved visiting other blogs and seeing posts about their gardens. Not only did I meet some great new bloggers, I was inspired by the photography skills and images I saw. I have always loved the patterns … Read more