Easy DIY Woodwork Projects – Summer holidays with a tween

Welcome to my mini-series of inspiring tweens to be creative over the summer. How about a week focussing on woodwork? My husband and I are united in the thought that if we don’t teach our children DIY skills no one will.  There is no doubt it can be nerve-racking handing an electric drill to a tween, … Read more

Exploring printing- crafting with tweens

I have to confess the balancing act of the school holidays, the day job and blogging has meant that the blog has had a little less time this last couple of weeks. Hence over a fortnight without a blog post! This week’s focus for crafting with tween’s is printing. There are so many different ways … Read more

DIY Denim Box Bag – Box Bag Tutorial

Box Bag Tutorial, lined box bags with both written step by step instructions and video. Great DIY gift. Storage

I love working with old jeans, worn denim has a such a lovey feel to it and it is so hard wearing. It recently dawned on me that I have never made my husband a toilet bag, when away camping we share taking it in turns to visit the facilities! My husband also works away … Read more

Rust fabric – Create beautiful patterns on fabric with rust

Love collecting pieces of rusty metal off the beach? Wonder what to do with them once home?! My eye has been drawn to fabric dyed with rust – somehow I started yet another Pinterest board! The patterns on rust fabric are beautiful. I love the random nature of rust dyed fabric. It is hard to … Read more

How to make chalk paint gift tags

DIY Cereal Packet Gift Tags, chalk paint gift tags

This is my annual gift tag plea… there’s nothing worse than trying to remember who gave you which gift in which paper, or attempting to find a name scrawled in biro!! Trust me!! This year I am enjoying wrapping gifts in the discarded paper from delivered parcels. A press with the iron and the paper … Read more

Recycle sweet tins into gift boxes

Dare I confess we have become quite attached to the boxes of sweets available at this time of year?! Our excuse is that surely three mini bars of chocolate from a sweet tin is far less than a full normal size bar of chocolate..  but then we have a largish plastic box left. Time to … Read more

Cyanotype photography, summer holidays craft activity

  Cyanotype photography is the use of light sensitive emulsion to create an image. We have had great fun experimenting with this technique whilst staying at Kelling Heath – there are distinct advantages when staying at a large campsite including free craft activities!!  Adam Shawyer led a workshop, encouraging all ages to join in and … Read more

What to do with empty crisp packets.., 9 recycle crisp packet ideas

I have had great fun the last few days on twitter – becoming rather involved in a question about what can be made with crisp packets, what would you  recycle crisp packets into? Somehow that chat has morphed into the desire to research the question.. recycled crisp packet dress anyone? This is a fab design … Read more

InkoDye Review

Here in the UK the summer holidays have started. I am looking forward to some time with my six year old exploring various creative products. This week my daughter and goddaughter had fun exploring the properties of InkoDye. The intention was to create fabric pieces to either make cushion covers out of, or framed pictures for … Read more