Design your own necklace, DIY Statement Necklace

One the aspects of fabric I love is the shapes you can make with by simply folding, from pleat tucks to three-dimensional shapes. There is so much fun to be had by simply playing with fabric. Squares, triangle, circles can all be folded to creating interesting shapes to design your own necklace. Welcome to Day … Read more

Wrapped twig bouquet

Bring a splash of nature indoors with this fun and easy wrapped twig centrepiece, perfect for the table or mantlepiece. Twirly twigs and odds and ends of yarn are all you need for this upcycled craft. Slowly wrap twigs in yarn to create your own twig bouquet. This week has been a bit of a … Read more

DIY Autumn Garland

The weather here remains summer-like, I love it, any extra moments of warm sunshine are gratefully received. The rest of the family are loving the Christmas decorations appearing in the shops, busy planning the decorations they are going to make this year. But hang on its autumn!!  Time for some autumn decoration – let’s celebrate … Read more

The Easiest Pullover Crochet Sweater – Pattern review

This weekend the weather feels like the crossover between summer and autumn. Our children are settling into their new schools, and as a family we are settling into new routines. To celebrate making it through the first full week, we threw the tent in the car and headed for our favorite campsite at the coast. … Read more

DIY Gold Leaf Necklace

I don’t know about you but I go through a variety of thoughts re costume jewellery, sometimes I love it, sometimes I’m not so sure. But there is no doubt that a necklace can transform an outfit, dressing up or down.  I’m currently taking part in a buy no new clothes challenge for three months. … Read more

Cacti, craft and creativity

I am fortunate to be blessed with creative local friends, Meeting on a monthly basis we bring our own projects, ranging from needle felt, crochet, embroidery, knitting, each of us has our own particular favourite mediums. Having started as an open group found on Facebook, we are currently a group of friends meeting in each … Read more

DIY Pompom Heart Wreath

Today I am sharing with you how you how easy it is to create a DIY heart wreath, using up some fabric scraps plus odds and ends of wool to create the pompom heart. I struggle a little with the commercialisation of holidays/celebrations, shops full of gifts and cards to buy, to encourage us to … Read more

6 Quick & Free Crochet Hat Patterns

I seem to have fallen in love with the speed of crochet. It’s so versatile and so much quicker than knitting. Having purchased a J (6.5) crochet hook I have had fun hunting out various hat patterns. They are great as quick and easy projects with pleasing results. Not to mention great gifts. Christmas may be … Read more

DIY Christmas Cards

Dare I admit I made this year’s DIY Christmas cards in the summer?! Last year we sent about five cards, and the world didn’t end! But it didn’t feel quite right – this year we are sending a few more. The design is a quicker make – Christmas can become so hectic, I love sending handmade but at the … Read more

Crochet handmade gifts

We are reaching the end of a rather busy half term holiday here in the UK. For the first time in many years, my husband was able to meet up with his three siblings, and my children met their cousin Harvey for the first time (he lives in Australia). It’s been rather hectic, with lots of … Read more

DIY Cosy Blankets

The evenings are drawing in, the leaves are changing and I’ve dug out my hot water bottle. Despite a couple of warm weeks, it’s definitely autumn. Although I LOVE summer and rather hate winter I secretly quite like snuggling up with a warm blanket to keep me cosy. It’s so easy to make your own … Read more