Christmas Star Crafts – stylish air clay stars

Look no further for a relaxing all age Christmas star craft activity.   These craft stars are perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree or strung like a garland across your mantlepiece.   My son and I had an absorbing hour or two making these stylish air clay stars. There is something so relaxing about … Read more

Making Cards using Fabric Scraps

Combine textile collage with some hand stitching to create unique individual cards. The process of making fabric scraps cards is relaxing and creative. Let’s face it all sewers have piles of fabric scraps… It is almost as though it is sacrilege to part with even the smallest of pieces. Over time the fabric scraps can … Read more

Sea Glass Decor Idea

Looking for craft ideas for your collection of sea glass? Create sea glass decor, quickly and easily As winter begins to draw to a close I am beginning to count down the days to our annual family holiday to the southern coast in France. I relax walking between beautiful coves, as a family hunting for … Read more

Gift ideas for creatives

Making can be such an addictive pastime, hobby, interest, sometimes we fly with our own ideas, other times we love to be inspired, to have instructions. Today I am sharing with you my gift guide for creative people. Included are PDF patterns, kits to beautiful supplies to create with. PDF patterns are so versatile, print … Read more

Stunning Driftwood Wreath Tutorial

It is super easy to make a stunning driftwood wreath, learn how to make your own driftwood wreath with this detailed photo and video tutorial, bring a touch of the beach into your home.

As a family we love visiting the beach, collecting driftwood and sea glass, plus anything else which looks interesting! Let me share with you how easy it is to make a driftwood wreath, which also showcases your sea glass finds. Our local beaches have very little driftwood, but one of the beaches we love visiting … Read more

Easy DIY Sea Glass Mirror – beach themed decor

As a family we love looking for sea glass, hunting for the treasure on trips to the beach. We especially love the coastline from St Aygulf to St Maxime (between Cannes and Marseille, southern coast France) but the big question is what to make with the sea glass?   Today I am sharing with you … Read more

How to make a lamp from a glass bottle

Today I am sharing with you a tutorial for how to make a lamp from a wine bottle. We have used a clear wine bottle, adding sea glass inside the bottle for interest. You can add all sorts to the clear bottle, as long as they fit through the bottleneck! Alternatively, there are some beautiful … Read more

DIY Sea Glass Bowl

As a family we love roaming beaches, hunting for treasures. We particularly love looking for pieces of sea glass. But once we get it home we then wonder what to make or do with the sea glass. We have several containers of collected sea glass ready for us to have a play and experiment with. … Read more

How to make sea glass jewelry

  Today I am sharing with you some gorgeous pendant sea glass jewelry – this tutorial will show you how to drill through the glass. As a family we love roaming beaches, hunting for treasures. We particularly love finding pieces of sea glass. But, once we get it home we then wonder what to make … Read more

How to recycle a Ferrero Rocher box into a herb planter

Do you treat yourself to the occasional box of chocolates? If so you may have a Ferrero Rocher box waiting for a DIY project, ready to be recycled and given a new lease of life. I have upcycled my Ferrero Rocher box into a stylish windowsill herb planter. A desire to brighten up my kitchen windowsill is the … Read more