Sweet Home Embroidery Book Review

Do you love embroidery hoop art but are not sure where to start? Then this ebook is for you with step by step instructions, downloadable printable designs, and helpful and videos. I have to admit I am not usually girly girl but I LOVE these embroidery designs by Jessica, found in her newly released Sweet … Read more

Book review “Upcycling” by Max McMurdo

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience I was delighted to find “upcycling” by Max McMurdo available at my local library. Naturally any book with this title is going to be on my reading list, but is it a coffee table book, a practical book or a mixture of the two?? The book starts … Read more

10 Minute Mug Ebook Review

As a pinterest/craft blog lover you will have seen DIY mugs. Having never made one I leapt at the opportunity to review the ebook “10 Minute Mug” by Elizabeth from the blog Destination Decoration. There is always a risk when such an opportunity appears, will the book be well written? Will it be original? Will … Read more

Book review “Shooting with Soul”

I am delighted to share the book “Shooting with Soul” with you today. It’s been on my wish list for some time, so it was a great birthday present to receive.   The book is set out into six chapters, getting started, four chapters with forty four exercises followed by a final chapter on sharing your … Read more

Is there a place for printed magazines in the modern world?

As a blog reader I expect you spend considerable time on the internet – after all its such an inspirational space. Full of beautiful images and tutorials, you are never short of inspiration. So why buy a printed magazine? Is their day over? I don’t think so. Personally I spend hours on the internet but equally … Read more

Book Review “Bags the modern classics”

  The introduction to the book is encouraging and enabling, inspiring readers to have a go at making their own bags to suit their own personal unique style. The book moves onto a section on sewing skills required for bag making, for example sewing a slip pocket, shortening a zip, creating your own bias binding. This … Read more

Quilt-opedia book review

Quilt-opedia by Laura Jane Taylor Book Review This book equally covers quilting techniques and projects. Split into six chapters each chapter is broken down into bite size chunks on the contents page. This is great for quick reference (as is the index). I am completely new to quilting, I love the fact you can sit down … Read more

Book review – Blissed out with Buttons

I LOVE buttons so reviewing “Blissed out with Buttons ” seemed a perfect fit:) There are a large variety of ideas in the book, spanning from jewellery, to CD suncatchers. I found a few ideas I already do, (so to speak) christmas card and button magnets. However there are lots of new ideas. The projects vary … Read more