Cacti, craft and creativity

I am fortunate to be blessed with creative local friends, Meeting on a monthly basis we bring our own projects, ranging from needle felt, crochet, embroidery, knitting, each of us has our own particular favourite mediums. Having started as an open group found on Facebook, we are currently a group of friends meeting in each other’s homes. What’s particularly lovely is the nurturing of each other’s creativity. Seeing each other’s projects can spark ideas.

Part of my plan for our new home is to have houseplants – I gave up on houseplants quite a few years back as I am dreadful about remembering to water them. So when the idea of attending a workshop all together was muted, along with the idea of supporting a new local plant business, I was all for it.

We were able to arrange the cacti garden workshop just for us, at the Leslie Terrance shop in Norwich.

At the workshop Leslie shared top tips for soil for cacti and succulents, plus suggestions for arranging the plants in the pot in a pleasing manner.

With a shop of plants to choose from we felt truly spoilt. Here are the end results.

Me being me I couldn’t help but contemplate how to decorate my pot – admittedly its probably wise to do this first!


I settled on chalk paint around the rim, and jean seams and trouser hems.

This layered denim look is totally and utterly inspired by Pillar Box Blue. Visit Claire’s beautiful blog for her post on denim wrapped planters – plus many more great denim upcycle projects. I am saving up denim jean pockets to follow her tutorial for a no sew door mat.

A big thank you to Kerri for providing such a warm and fun atmosphere for our afternoon of crafting altogether, doing the same project, a first, most enjoyable experience for us.  I suspect it’s the first of a few workshops together. We are a mixed group in age, background, married, single, parent, not parents – which truly adds to our meetings.

Can I encourage you, if you have the opportunity, to meet with other creative folks. It’s such a blessing in my life, wishing you a creative week,

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  1. love your decorating idea for the pot. It is so fun to craft with friends, you can learn so much from each other.


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