Cable Reel as display stand for plants

Cable Reel Planter - whitewash cable spool, quick and easy DIY More info on blog

Months ago I couldn’t resist this cable reel, but then it sat in the shed for months on end whilst I deliberated about what to make.

Cable reel

The kids are a little old for toad stools and similar, but I knew I wished to use it in the garden. We have a rather boring porch area which often turns into a covered storage area, it’s not very welcoming for guests. I hit upon the idea for growing succulents in vintage kitchen containers displayed on the cable reel.

My cable reel is whitewashed with chalk paint with the core wrapped in old rope. This adds texture to the display.To create your own succulent display:

Thin the paint down equal parts water to paint. Brush the paint on in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Allow to dry.

White wash the cable reel

Tightly wrap the old rope around the middle core of the cable reel. Secure the ends with nails.

Wrap ore of cable reel with old rope

Source some vintage kitchen containers – I found two colanders and a mixing bowl at my local store Looses.

Vintage kitchen ware as plant containers

Select succulents which compliment each other with texture and colour. Plant up in your containers.

Plant up succulents in vintage containers

Its really that simple!!

Succulents in vintage colanders and mixing bowl

I planned this to be a thrifty project but in reality the cost added up a little. With patience I could have grown the succulents from shoots from established plants and over time found the kitchen ware at car boot sales.

Naturally I have a pinterest board dedicated to cable reel transformations, find it here.






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12 thoughts on “Cable Reel as display stand for plants”

  1. Looks great Vicky. It’s always a toss up between waiting and gradually getting bits for next to nothing or just buying pretty things to achieve a look you are after,
    You will be abel to take cuttings from these lovely succulents in time and maybe give them as gifts and save money in the long run that way (I’m trying to do a Pollyanna, can you tell?!)

  2. That’s such a cool idea. It is hard to be patient when you get an idea as you want to get cracking with it and see the end result.
    I love seeing people transform things that so many ohers would just reject as trash!
    You’ve done a great job x

  3. I was very taken with a cable real table last month on Trash 2 Treasure having never really seen them before. Yours is every bit as lovely and a great use as a pot plant stand. The old kitchen containers and rope really add to the feel of the finished table.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure


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