Is there a place for printed magazines in the modern world?

As a blog reader I expect you spend considerable time on the internet – after all its such an inspirational space. Full of beautiful images and tutorials, you are never short of inspiration.

So why buy a printed magazine? Is their day over? I don’t think so. Personally I spend hours on the internet but equally hours reading books and magazines. I have an ereader but give me a paperback any day.. The feel of the paper, the permanence of it, the ease of finding an article I wish to reread, the feel in my hands.

I have recently received an invite from to be part of their blogger network. Three magazines are going to be dropping through my letterbox for the next year, delightful! There is a fabulous selection to choose from. After some deliberating I chose Reloved Magzine, Love Sewing and Good Food. There is nothing quite like the thud of a magazine arriving through the letter box. The noise evokes a good read, putting my feet up with a hot up of tea – preferably in the sunshine!


I don’t know about you but for me a magazine brings a sense of luxury and a feeling of relaxation. It’s a real treat when a magazine pops through the door. Where’s your favourite place to read a magazine?

Even more so when the magazine is inspiration for a passion of mine upcycling. I have been a reader of Reloved since it launched. What’s not to love about upcycling? A sense of freedom, after all if an item has cost little then what’s to lose about transforming it?

Are you convinced? Do you buy magazines and by doing so support all the contributors to the magazine, fellow crafters? Which one’s do you treat yourself to?





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2 thoughts on “Is there a place for printed magazines in the modern world?”

  1. I love printed magazines and the thud as they land in the porch has me putting the kettle on and settling down if I can. I do find it hard to read them as much as I used to do though as there is so much stuff to read online. I currently get Craftseller, Simply Homemade and Good Housekeeping on subscription. I like the look of ‘Reloved’ as upcycling is one of my priorities too do will have to try it.


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