Book review “Shooting with Soul”

I am delighted to share the book “Shooting with Soul” with you today. It’s been on my wish list for some time, so it was a great birthday present to receive.
The book is set out into six chapters, getting started, four chapters with forty four exercises followed by a final chapter on sharing your images.
A brief introduction introduces the premise of this book, to take photographs with soul.
Getting started
This chapter covers choosing a camera, different lenses plus light and exposure.  The discussion on choosing a camera is about finding the right camera for you, with no assumption this is a DSLR.
choosing a CAMERA
“Choosing a camera that is compatible with your lifestyle is the best guarantee that your camera will always be with you”
Four Chapters of Exercises 
The book then moves onto practical exercises, the aim being you complete one per week. This initially starts with taking photographs of yourself “glimpses of you”. Each exercise gives suggestions for styling the suggested subject in a variety of ways, and is beautifully illustrated to inspire you.
exercises book
The exercise also provides suggested photography techniques. I love the beauty of the image of books above, inparticular how they are presented.
exercises window shopping
The exercises cover a wide variety of subjects from objects to emotions. Naturally the images in the book are truly inspiring.

If you are looking to be inspired you could add it to your Christmas list!signature





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