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Blog update – goal setting

Time seems to have flown by – somehow we are half way through the year already?? How did that happen??! Do you set yourself goals? I do, this year I set myself a target income for the blog and etsy shop. I LOVE blogging, sharing creativity, being part of an online community, the accountability but sometimes it can feel a bit of a slog. Who reads the posts? Why bother? This year I would love to grow the blog, to generate some income to offset the many hours spent. But at the same time I do not wish to become a formulaic place, with no personal identity. It can feel really hard to find the right balance.

In February I joined the Elite Blogging Academy, I am gradually working my way through the course so over the year you will see some changes. Currently in unit 3 I am updating the blog theme, sub headings and menus. I hope you like the change, hopefully you will find it easier to find your way around, for instance for the first time you an find all the zero waste posts in one place! Plus you should be able to read the text in the side. Bear with me as I continue to update – for instance I have a tab craft but as yet with only one post.

With the blog I hope to increase traffic considerably, to add affiliate links to posts, to add video content to some tutorials plus generate an ebook – eeek!!! To break this down into achievable tasks I hope to finish all half written posts in July, reupholster a chair in denim for the competition Gumtree are running and finish updating the blog theme.

With Etsy I am slowly adding and changing the stock to reflect my love of working with denim. This time of year is always slow for me but I hope to get ahead with stock ready for October and November:) This week I have added a sashiko denim tote plus a denim messenger bag. There is a chance to enter a craft fair as an Etsy seller, closing date for applications 30 July – this will focus my mind!

I continue to write for Reloved magazine on a freelance basis, which I LOVE! I think it’s the validation which means so much to me. Lou the editor is a delight to work with, plus she gives really constructive feedback. The challenge of creating good visual images continues, I suspect this something I will always be learning. I am super excited to have been contacted by the magazine Sew Now so I will be submitting a couple of articles to them this coming week.

Locally I am contemplating setting up craft courses – in fact I have my first course planned in a weeks time. So if you live near Norwich and fancy learning to make a clutch bag drop me an email. I would love to meet some blog readers:)

If you are interested in starting an ethical business then I highly recommend the ethical business coach Jen Gale and her weekly podcasts “Making Good“, they are inspiring and motivating.

What keeps you coming back to a blog? Do you have any tips, thoughts you would like to share? I don’t wish to become an anonymous tutorial writer!! Have you stopped and contemplated? Where next? How do you keep the balance in life?

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Saturday 1st of July 2017

Vicky..............I have been a follower for a long time. One thing that I would not like to see happen would be if your personality did not come through. I look forward to your postings and admire your style. Do not become someone we do not know. Please


Sunday 2nd of July 2017

Hi Jewel, Thanks for your kind words, It's always lovely to hear from someone who has been following for a long time:) I would hate to loose my personality too, let me know if I do!!

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