Bags, bags, bags.. Upcycled .. recycled

I am loving pinterest to see what other people are making, feeling inspired by the following upcycled creations:

I particularly like the use of old fashioned wooden coat hangers for the handles, coupled with mens shirts. Plus Zinc White have a rather stylish website which also features jewellery made from crayons. Interesting facts are featured “in the UK more than 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away every year”.

Other inspiring recycled bags include:

In the meantime I have been expanding the range and style of bags I have made – hoping to add a few to Etsy this weekend…

Recycled Bags

A grey felted skirt corsage bag, with internal pocket and magnetic clasp, perfect for night or day..

A felted grey sweater, with red leather belt as shoulder strap, lined with internal pocket.. great size for the odd book or tablet… the felted red flowers are from a former coat, hand appliqued on with buttons for detail.

and finally a circular embroidered design, simply lined with white fabric and fitted with gorgeous wooden handles, upcycled from a former bag of course. However if anyone knows of a source of wooden half circular handles I would love to know:)

I have a Pinterest board, rather originally called Bags! Why not share your favourite bag? What inspires you?

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