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The idea of different bag designs interests me, as I am sure you can imagine:)!

This week I have been thinking about smaller shoulder bags. My current range of stock is for large shoulder bags, influenced by my own bag requirements –  drinks, changes of clothes for tots, the compulsory packet of wipes, snacks.

Feedback often mentions the desire for smaller bags. With a couple of craft events imminent I am thinking about new designs which can cater for women who would like a bag for their purse, mobile and umbrella.


Bag design


recycled bag

This bag measures 3″, by 9″ and is approx. 8″ high, it incorporates a concealed top zipper, and internal pocket. Created from a pair of corduroy trousers and former shirt, it sits neatly under the arm. This bag has structure lined with interfacing for it to hold it’s shape. Made as a recent commission the bag was designed to fit an umbrella in the base of the bag.

 Recycled Bag

My second design is a little bigger measuring, 12″ by 13″ . My aim with this bag was to create a different design for a smaller bag, keeping a design feature of the original corduroy trousers. It is much softer, lined with a beautiful shirt.

Recycled Corduroy Bag
Sleeve and cuff utilised for internal pocket

Personally I have a strong preference for one design over the other, although ironically it is not a bag I would personally use!

What do you think? Which is your favourite, why? What’s your favourite size of bag and handle? I would love to know:)


As usual I have endeavoured to maximise the remainder fabric from the former clothes, whipping up IPAD cases and bottle bags.

Have you been following Purse Palozza this year? A huge variety of bag patterns have been reviewed, by various bloggers. Plus there is a great link up for your own bags, with a great selection of prizes:) I am linking up a few bags, with fingers crossed!!

Trusting you have had a great creative week I am off to check out Handmade Harbour,



11 thoughts on “Bag designs”

  1. I really love the details of the second bag. You are so, so clever. The buttons and flower on the other one are lovely too. I usually go for a big bag for similar reasons to you but sometimes wonder if I end up carrying stuff because it is so big?

  2. I use both smaller and large bags, larger for every day and smaller for evenings, I like that you can still fit an umbrella in the smaller one.

    Jan x

    PS…… are you keeping the measurements a secret???? 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback re bag size, and the prompt re measurements – that’s what happens when drafting a few blog posts at once, scheduling them and forgetting to go back and fine tune!

  3. wow you have lots of design ideas… yes I agree with the smaller bag for a mobile, a lipstick and mirror. I always need one if we go out for lunch.
    Love the bottle bag … shirt sleeve?

    If abig handbag I like a long handle for shoulder use. If mini bag like your first picture then a short handle.

    Best wishes
    Lesley & Ray
    Bath Bomb Creations & Grumpy Joe’s Pet Emporium


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