Annies Soft and Stable

I have read about Annies Soft and Stable and seen patterns recommend it, but never been willing to pay out for it. But in the end temptation won over. I am so glad it did!  I was delighted to receive my package for the US (considerable cheaper despite the postage 1 yard £25 UK, £9.50 US)


Just in the nick of time,


Do you remember this California Sunshine Bag? It has become my everyday bag, perfect for work and home alike. Sadly the former linen skirt has not stood up to the test of time.


The original bag was made using Decovil as the interfacing. It’s strong, sturdy, holds it’s shape well, but it’s a bugger to sew… It is cheaper than Annies Soft & Stable (in the UK at least) and easier to get hold of.

California Sunshine Bag

I have made a new bag, with a burgundy remnant I had in my stash – it looks hard wearing:) This time I used Annies Soft and Stable – WOW, what a dream to sew in comparison.

DSC_0050 DSC_0056

It is much thicker, but compresses along the stitching line.  As it needs basting in you cannot trim to the seam allowance, I was a little concerned if my machine would tolerate the thickness of layers.


It is very flexible, and therefore happily eases round curves.


Perhaps surprisingly my least favourite part of making a bag is stitching all the components together, will the lining and body of the bag match up? Did I accurately sew the seam allowance on both? I used the walking foot for this part, and my sewing machine coped, sewing through all thickness’s:)



California Sunshine Bag

I have to admit I am a complete Annies Soft and Stable convert, I suspect an order to the US will become a regular occurrence:) Thanks Anna for the advice, and the great pattern🙂

Last but by no means least, here’s today’s helper – he decided he was far more interesting to photograph (I think he may be right!)


I hope you have had a productive week:) As usual I am linking up to Handmade Monday.


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22 thoughts on “Annies Soft and Stable”

  1. Your new bag is beautiful! Love the pockets and the lining is gorgeous! The soft and stable looks great to work with, I often have trouble choosing lining for the same reason of not wanting to make it too thick for the machine.

  2. I’ve never heard of annies soft and stable but will be googling it in a few minutes! I love the colour of your new bag. I have just bought a bag-making book which recommends using interfacing in all bags. I am looking forward to making some soon so this may be what I need!

    • Thanks so much for the tips, I shall check them out:) I have to admit I was counting the days for the delivery from the US!

  3. Hi I saw your bag on Karen’s blog linky party. I have made several bags using headliner foam, which is practically the same things as Soft and Stable, but a tad cheaper and comes wider too. I buy mine at a fabric shop and it comes in black, gray or tan. You can see if they sell headliner foam at your local fabric shop or even check out where the local auto body shops get theirs for repairing the inside of the car ceilings. You bag looks great!

  4. I love your bag, it looks so professional and very stylish with the colours you’ve chosen. I suspect it’s all down to your very cute helper! Sounds like a great product.

  5. Where did you buy the Soft & stable from in the USA? I bought some from Quilt Direct in Devon at a reasonable price but it is still expensive.


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