Affordable crafting and sewing supplies?

I have set myself a challenge, to visit one of the many economy stores that are popping up and to see what supplies I could find.

I think you may be surprised…

Fabric duvet sets

Fabric, table runners, t-towels, and of course bed linen. This single duvet cover for £6.99 which is the equivalent of 4 metres of fabric, for the same price I would gain one metre of the equivalent economy fabric in a fabric shop.

Foam tape

Tape, I was looking for parcel tape and double sided tape – have you seen this great tutorial for fabric washi tape, made with double sided tape and fabric scraps?  What I found was foam double sided tape – great for mounting:) Plus Pritt stick glue and wallpaper samples, perfect for card making.


Wool – you can never be short of wool:)


Affordable storage for your crafting supplies.

I didn’t find everything I expected to. I guess that is part of economy store shopping.. you never know what they have in stock!


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12 thoughts on “Affordable crafting and sewing supplies?”

  1. Some good finds, there, thanks for sharing them.
    Could I ask what store that was? If you’re able to tell us.
    I’m fairly sure I know, but I could be wrong, lol.

  2. I love a good bargain. I went to Aldi last night and got a Spiderman bedding set for £4.99. I was well impressed. It is lovely too 🙂

    Really want some of those drawers at the bottom.

    • Car boots are great aren’t they:) My kids are not quite so tolerant re rummaging at car boots sadly, last time we went to one I picked up some pillowcases for 25p each:)

  3. That looks like a Home Bargains to me! We have one near us and it’s great. I have found loads of bargains in there. Apparently the reason that they can sell their stock so cheap is because they don’t pay for advertising. Works for me 🙂 Thanks for sharing on #ThriftyThursday

  4. I recently made a long cushion with 4 pillows that I picked up there for less than £5 each! The bedding is a great buy, like you say you can’t buy fabric by the yard at that price.


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