Family memories captured in pebble wall art

Today I am sharing with you a pebble wall hanging made with pebbles collected on the beach. As a family we recently visited the coast on a cold winters day, the frost lingered on the seaweed despite the bright sunshine.

My daughter is not being that interested in being outside. To engage her on our trip out we set a family challenge, finding pebbles with holes in. This gave her focus, it encouraged her to look at the environment closely, to see the textures and colours and to have fun. She had a great time, as we all did.

Once home thoughts turned to what to do with the collected pebbles. Since we rearranged our living room we have a spare piece of wall. I decided to hang the pebbles as a piece of art using a garden twine/string.

My son had a great time organising the pebbles in a pattern, starting with larger pebbles at the top working down to small pebbles.

To make your own thread the pebbles onto the string wrapping the string through the hole twice, leaving a gap then threading your next stone on.

You may be lucky and find a branch of wood weathered by the sea, alternatively  strip the bark of the wood with a vegetable peeler. Hang the strings off the branch. You may find this easier if you position your branch over a couple of supports.

Lastly add some very strong string rope to hang the wood on the wall. I was surprised at the weight of the wall hanging.

The wall hanging is a family piece of art.

In the living room it brings back memories of days at the beach and family times together.

12 thoughts on “Family memories captured in pebble wall art”

  1. If you had just told me how to do this without a picture I’d never have believed how effective it could look. I love the all natural look with the twine, pebbles and drift wood. A genius idea and a great way to enjoy a winter beach day. I shall be on the look out for pebbles with holes now, I know shells have them but I’ve never noticed pebbles before.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure

  2. It’s lovely that the whole family were involved. I recently discovered my eldest had put a pebble in the radio blocking the speaker! #Trash2Treasure

  3. I would never have thought pebbles hanging from a stick could look this good! I love how you got the whole family involved too, fun times. Thanks for sharing at #HandmadeMonday


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