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Sewing with and for children

OTeaching your child to sew

Its been a delight to have a little time to sew for and with my daughter in the post Christmas breath and relax time. For far longer than I care to admit A has been asking me to make her some nappies for her dolls which wee. Disposable dolls nappies are shocking in price and yet it is so easy to make your own.

Create dolls nappies from fabric scraps and an old towel

I used the disposable dolls nappy as a template, an old towel and a variety of fabric to whip up a few. The overlocker objected to the towel but I coaxed it along!

  • Spark your child’s interest

Creating a practical item sparked her interest in sewing (I guess making her clothes seems too far removed from her skill level to relate to).  She decided she would like to make duvets for her dolls bunk beds.

Dolls duvet covers from pillowcases, teach your child to sew with projects they love

  • Focus on basic sewing skills

This was a great quick project, she practised using pins and sewing a straight line. This is a fun and quick project, great for learning basic sewing skills. You can imagine her delight when I explained that by using pillowcases they had three seams sewn for her:)!

Inspirational books for teaching your child to sew

  • Start with a project which inspires the child
Last year our neighbour kindly gave her a book all about learning to sew. I think its a great read but at the time it did not strike a chord for her. This year I bought her Martha Stewarts book Crafts for Kids, she is bookmarking projects she likes the look of. It has motivated her to design and hand sew up soft toys for her and her brother.

This has brought her great delight, she took one into school and has taken requests for making more:) She is using upcycled sweaters for her soft toys.

Upcycled cuddly toys, use former sweaters to inspire your child to sew

  • Create time

There is no rush, sewing can be a lifelong pleasure. Taking  a step from sewing for the Etsy shop (which is rather empty!) and blogging created time for us to enjoy sewing together and alongside one another.

Do you have any top tips for teaching children to sew? We are sticking to projects she wants to make, that are quick and simple.




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Tuesday 2nd of February 2016

The toys are great! I've just started teaching my daughter to sew and am trying to think of projects she would be interested. Sew sewed some very simple shorts and I think we'll try some skirts and headbands next.

Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto

Monday 25th of January 2016

I remember my mum teaching me to sew, I started with dolls skirts and hairbands. I remember making tiny across body tote style bags for my dolls to carry. I think anything fun that doesn't take too long. I love the monsters :)


Monday 25th of January 2016

such fun and no one else will have these


Sunday 24th of January 2016

I remember making nappies for my daughter's dolls about 18 years ago (ekk) but they were no where near as professional looking as yours. My daughter can sew a bit, she made a lovely dress at school but was never that interested in sewing at home. I did manage to get her knitting and she's made quite a lot of lovely things, she point blank refuses to learn to crochet though - go figure! One of my lads can knit just a tiny bit, he made a tiny sleeping bag for a little orange gnome that came out of a Kinder surprise when he was about 7! Sadly apart from sewing on badges to their scout uniforms I'm never managed to inspire them, even the guys on Sewing Bee didn't help!

Lucy Blossom

Sunday 24th of January 2016

What a great idea, Lucy is definitely keen to join me in my making, but as she's only 5 she has to wait a while before I let her near my machine!!

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