Retro Rucksack Pattern Review

Over Christmas, I decided to make myself the rucksack for work. I carry an A4 hardback notebook, floor samples, a tablet with a keyboard, plus lunch, as you can imagine the weight quickly adds up. Swapping from a shoulder bag to a rucksack is an easy change I can make to protect my pelvis and back. … Read more

DIY Campervan Wall Art

Create your own stylish campervan embroidery hoop art, with a slogan to encourage you to follow your dreams. There is something about this time of year where we reflect, make plans, contemplate where we would like to go this year.  Every year my husband says “I would like more holidays”! When I spotted the large … Read more

DIY Pompom Heart Wreath

Today I am sharing with you how you how easy it is to create a DIY heart wreath, using up some fabric scraps plus odds and ends of wool to create the pompom heart. I struggle a little with the commercialisation of holidays/celebrations, shops full of gifts and cards to buy, to encourage us to … Read more

6 Quick & Free Crochet Hat Patterns

I seem to have fallen in love with the speed of crochet. It’s so versatile and so much quicker than knitting. Having purchased a J (6.5) crochet hook I have had fun hunting out various hat patterns. They are great as quick and easy projects with pleasing results. Not to mention great gifts. Christmas may be … Read more

Personal highlights from 2017

It’s the time of year for reflection, I know we are hurtling back into everyday normality at rapid speed (I’m back at my day job) but I have taken time to stop and reflect on the year that has been. Each New Years Eve as a family we fill a blessings jar, pausing to give thanks for … Read more