Suit jacket refashioned into a A line skirt

This year Portia’s annual refashion competition is suits. As usual, I have left it to the very last minute to enter (closes tomorrow!). There really are some amazing recreations of suits on her inspirational Pinterest board. Tempted to make a fitted dress I changed my mind when I turned this jacket inside out and saw the … Read more

Crochet handmade gifts

We are reaching the end of a rather busy half term holiday here in the UK. For the first time in many years, my husband was able to meet up with his three siblings, and my children met their cousin Harvey for the first time (he lives in Australia). It’s been rather hectic, with lots of … Read more

How to make a Denim Floor Cushion

Experiments in shibori dying lead me to contemplate treating dark jeans with bleach. My rather large denim stash was due an overhaul. The inspiration came to bleach shibori style patterns into the denim to make a large floor cushion. The DIY denim floor cushion is filled with the offcuts of the denim trousers plus old pillows. … Read more

DIY Cosy Blankets

The evenings are drawing in, the leaves are changing and I’ve dug out my hot water bottle. Despite a couple of warm weeks, it’s definitely autumn. Although I LOVE summer and rather hate winter I secretly quite like snuggling up with a warm blanket to keep me cosy. It’s so easy to make your own … Read more

Great British Sewing Bee Live and learning from mistakes..

A couple of week’s ago I was fortunate to attend the Great British Sewing Bee Live Exhibition, I have to confess that despite taking my camera I took a pitiful grand total of one photograph… Naturally, I shopped and shopped, going over my budget on fabric (somewhat inevitable!). As planned I bought fabric for: Ellens Esplanade … Read more