National Upcycling Day

Yesterday was the second ever #nationalupcyclingday. Lots of fabulous upcycled items were shared on Twitter. Personally I love how the uk has a day to celebrate everything. Upcycled… But what is upcycling? The dictionary definition is “Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value … Read more

Sewing teen gifts

What do you make for a teen’s birthday gift? Especially one you have never met?! I have recently taken to asking parents for suggestions of suitable gifts.. I was delighted when I received the suggestion of hairslides. I have to confess I spend too long on Pinterest, whilst browsing I spotted a tutorial for super … Read more

Handmade Gifts for Fathers Day – Fabulous Ideas

Its suddenly dawned on me – Fathers Day is in a weeks time here in the UK… Eeekkkk! I’m not prepared, are you?? Here are some quick and easy makes for a thoughtful handmade gifts Earphone holders – this is so super easy and quick. A great idea from Agy over at Green Issues Singapore. Find … Read more