Getting ahead for Christmas

Have you used Hjertegarn Incawool? Its a beautiful yarn which I won in a giveaway run by EmmayandLien – its super soft and a delight to knit with. Its just beautiful. One skein, perfect for a cowl… I browsed ravelry and found this gorgeous pattern. Admittedly I have adapted it a little! This knitted up … Read more

Transform a wicker chair

I Last weekend my husband came home with a “project” for me, along with the question do you hate me? Definitely not!!! I’m quite fond of a project:) He and our daughter had found this worn out wicker chair and decided it was perfect for her bedroom – she finds it super comfy. She was keen … Read more

Create a fun busy toddler bag with fabric scraps

Do you ever get an idea and just can’t resist making it?? This is how I feel about this busy toddler bag – once the design had formulated in my mind I just had to execute it! My niece is a gorgeous 18 months, walking and enjoying all life has to offer. Naturally this busy … Read more

Craft Party #31 with DIY Crush

Today I am excited to be joining up with DIY Crush & Easy Sewing for Beginners as Guest Host for their LINKY PARTY this week. Welcome to week 31!! In America Mother’s Day is coming up, so many folks are busy creating and hope you are too! We can’t wait to find new inspiration, so what have you been … Read more

Recycled suit trousers into stylish work bag

With the recent introduction of charging for plastic bags my large tote is incredible useful for odd bits of shopping – but it is not very smart for work. In a recent issue of Love Sewing I spotted this rather cute bag from the book Measure Cut Sew by Susan Wasinger. I decided to sew … Read more