Easter Eggs Decoration, Clay Stamped Easter Egg Tree

  Remember the wall tree we are keeping up for the year? Its time to decorate it for Easter, to create our own Easter Egg Tree:)   The children and I had a go at making egg shapes from air drying clay, and stamping them with patterns to add texture. Easter Eggs Decoration To make … Read more

Ellory Bag Pattern Review

Introducing the Ellory Bag by Cozy Nest Design. One of the reasons I enjoy pattern testing is that I stretch my skills, this bag sure did. It was one of those occasions when I just made silly error after silly error. I started off feeling chuffed. As suggested I marked out the pattern pieces on the interfacing, … Read more

Great Eco Recycled Easter Baskets

Whats not to love about the thrill of children doing an Easter egg hunt? Here’s a great variety of Eco & Recycled Easter Baskets you can make: Brown paper bag converted into this super cute basket. Find the tutorial over at ellinee. Upcycled milk carton Easter Basket – I love this. Great instructions from Red … Read more

Liliane Bag Pattern Review

I appreciate it’s been a bit quiet round here – I missed posting last Sunday, fairly unheard of for me! Behind the scenes I have been busy pattern testing. First up I have pattern tested for Delinda Boutique. The Liliane Bag is the first of Maria’s designs I have sewn, I was not disappointed! Of course … Read more

Quick & Simple Way to Shorten Curtains

This week I have been working on my list of things to do around the house, which includes shortening curtains. I don’t know about you but curtains are fairly low down on the priority list when moving house, I always ending up refashioning ones I have or scouring charity shops for new to me curtains. These … Read more

#Remarkable2015 Update

Do you remember I am doing a free photography course for the year? I had fallen a bit behind, however yesterday a day trip out gave me the opportunity to practice. I took my phone plus DSLR and snapped away.     Some of my favourite pictures are ones I took on my Iphone. Just how much … Read more

5 Great Odd Sock Upcycles

Is it only me?? Our household seems to grow odd socks, almost with every wash!! At the moment I am attempting to declutter/sort out piles around the home, this includes dealing with the odd sock pile.. 5 Great Odd Sock Upcycles Here are some ideas for what to make..   Sadly my kids have outgrown the … Read more