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2015 Review, a little late!

Its been a busy year and I’ve loved it!! Occasionally cursing myself for over committing, time management is a goal for this year (or the ability to say no to the odd opportunity!)

A big thanks to you readers, it warms my day when I receive thoughtful comments:) Plus a big thanks to my husband who copes with piles of sewing escaping out of the craft room, photography gear lying around the house and the odd random request with projects!

My personal highlights include:
Upcycling project with gumtree – I love the chairs converted into bench seat. The most important part of this project was the affirmation/confidence boost I personally gained by going to London and meeting fellow bloggers including Jen of makedoandmendlife. A cocktails and canape reception is not my natural environment, I took a friend who prodded me out of the café from across the road and into the event – Thanks Elizabeth:)


Writing for so-sew-easy a fabulous sewing blog, thanks to Deby for the encouragement and support. The process of writing for another site, thinking about referring traffic from one site to the other (both ways) plus how small tweaks can improve a blog post has been a great learning curve.

Blogging ambassador for zero waste week – this week really challenges me and the way we live as family. Plus I use the week as a personal challenge to blog daily. There is no doubt that I fail to keep up good habits all year but I have implemented small steps permanently.

Featuring in Reloved Magazine, I was delighted that they loved my round floating cake tin shelves🙂

You may have noticed small steps towards monetization. The blog has steadily grown (regularly reaching 10,000 page views per month), plus my day job no longer feels quite so secure (there are large public sector funding cuts in the UK). The combination leads me to look towards monetization, as long as it sits comfortably – I hope you know what I mean.

So what did you love? not surprisingly free bag tutorials feature highly a long with round up posts, here are the top viewed posts:

Top Tutorials 2015

Upcycled Denim Tote Bag tutorial – I have to admit this remains my personal go to bag

Denim Foot Pouf, this is holding up well despite being made two years ago

Tweed skirt converted into fun bag, not only has the tutorial proved popular I have sold out of the bags in my Etsy shop.

Crisp packet apron – this was great fun to make, although I wouldn’t wear it around a BBQ in case the packets melted!!

Small Messenger bag, this bag is quick to whip up and uses very little fabric, a great gift:)

Cable Tidy – this has truly transformed our cable draw, I highly recommend whipping one up!

I have enjoyed my extended Christmas break, fitting in some sewing with my daughter and generally relaxing. I am now back bursting with ideas which I am looking forward to sharing. Thanks so much to you readers for taking the time to read and share my creative journey. My motto this year crafting doesn’t have to cost the earth or your wallet:)



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Lucy Blossom

Saturday 23rd of January 2016

I always enjoy reading your blog, and I'm constantly inspired by your creative projects - keep up the good work :D


Thursday 21st of January 2016

Holy smokes that was a busy year! I try to say no more too, but sometimes it's so hard because I just want to do it all! I really love your upcycling ideas-keep 'em coming!


Thursday 21st of January 2016

I really love the triple chair to bend. Ingenious!


Monday 18th of January 2016

You've had a busy year and some great achievements, it's lovely to take a moment to look back and reflect. Monetizing is a tough one, if you have a regular "pay the bills" job it's hard to spend enough time really building a blog that will make money - a bit of a catch 22 really . I say this as a person with a "proper " job too, I'd love to blog more but I kind of like sleeping too! Good luck with all you do in 2016 - I feel it's gonna be fab!


Monday 18th of January 2016

Things are hard all round atm, so pleased to be out of the rat race. Hope things work out for you

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.