Recycled Paper Christmas Wreath

  To create your own recycled paper christmas wreath  you will need: Glue gun Old book Paper plate Scissors String To make: Start by marking a circle on your paper plate Cut out the circle Create two circles/layers of scrunched paper Create the first outer layer – scrunch your paper in the middle, and using … Read more

Recycled Gift Wrap

Here are some great ideas for Recycled Gift Wrap – enjoy:) Old Dress Patterns for tissue paper, with a pretty string and gift tag:) Tots drawings – we go through copious amounts of paper in our house so it’s great not to put it all in recycling, what could be better for a grandparent? No … Read more

Tooth Fairy Palace Pillow

I am so excited about this recent make that I just had to write a tutorial so you can make your own Tooth Fairy Palace Pillow.   This latest commission started with the inevitable Pinterest Board for toothfairy pillow ideas:) There are so many different ideas, but when I heard that the little girl in … Read more

Rocket Costume

This week has been rather busy making a rocket costume required for a school blast off event. As usual I referred to Pinterest for rocket costume ideas, and found this great image from Doodlecraft. I made our own version, as we had no silver spray to hand to gain the silver effect I used a mixture … Read more

Bag designs

The idea of different bag designs interests me, as I am sure you can imagine:)! This week I have been thinking about smaller shoulder bags. My current range of stock is for large shoulder bags, influenced by my own bag requirements –  drinks, changes of clothes for tots, the compulsory packet of wipes, snacks. Feedback … Read more

Blog One year anniversary

Crikey – I have made it to one year 🙂 Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, it means so much. I started off with a simple aim to blog once a week, every week about my creative journey and business making recycled bags. I have learnt lots on the journey:- Patience … Read more

Man’s messenger bag tutorial

Create your own man’s messenger bag – Today I am very excited to be guest blogging for the lovely Kate over at crafts on sea. Why not pop over and read the tutorial for making an upcycled man’s messenger bag, using a former jacket. An ideal gift idea:) Do check out her lovely blog, and … Read more