20 Jam Jar Tombola Ideas

Fun ideas for filling jam jars for fundraising tombolas

Each year my daughter’s school have a Jam Jar Tombola for the children. Naturally, the kids are just mega keen on gaining a jar full of sweeties but I like to add a twist. After all, it’s far more fun to win one of my random ideas, right?

Jam jar tombolas are a great way to fundraise, twenty ideas to fill your jam jars for the tombola. #jamjartombola #jamjarfundraiser


Twenty Thrifty Jam Jar Tombola Ideas


Bathroom gifts


Luxury Jam Jars

Plants & Garden Ideas

  • Various packets of herb seeds, encourage people to grow their own
  • Succulents planted
  • Tea light holders

tea light holder


  • Home made toffee sauce
  • Flapjack
  • Chutney – endless possibilities, in the UK mango may be a good choice for curry eaters:)
  • Jam
  • DIY cookie jar, layered ingredients
photo credit: chotda via photopin cc

Girly ideas

  • Hair slides
  • Scrunchies
  • Rags, for twisting in long hair to make it curly

Girls Hair Accessories

Creative Play ideas

Creative Play Jam Jars


Rest assured I did manage to get labels on to the more obscure (like the hair rags), or the homemade with  a list of ingredients #healthandsafety.


20 Jam Jar Tombola Ideas

There are so many more ideas just buzzing round my head.. what would you fill your jam jars with?





4 thoughts on “20 Jam Jar Tombola Ideas”

  1. These are great ideas. My daughter took in her Jolly Jar on Friday ready for the school fair and I was told they should be filled with sweets (they also have a bottle tombola for the adults), but I like your variety.

  2. I filled one of ours with plastic toy soldiers and candy canes.

    another was a fairy kit with fairy tattoos, tiny bottles with fairy dust and another tiny bottle filled with tiny scraps of rolled up paper to write fairy wishes on.


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