How to convert a bath into an upcycled garden chair

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This spring my husband has been working hard in the garden, clearing areas, cutting back plus adding a touch of upcycling around the place. My son has gained a mud kitchen from old pallets. As a family we have gained an upcycled fire pit (a dug out flower bed lined with old rocks from former projects).

A few years back our neighbour updated his bathroom and he offered us the old bath. I have to admit he did look rather amazed when we said we would take it (as was I!).  The bath was added to the vegetable patch as an additional raised bed for our children to plant flowers in. However, after clearing some trees and bushes, and a lack of interest from the children, we decided that the bath needed to move on.

Over the years I have seen baths converted into chairs. My husband kindly took the project on – a perfect chance to try out his new angle grinder!

So if you fancy having a go at making your own bath chair here’s how we approached it.

DIY Bath Chair

Firstly consider which end of the bath you wish to use – the sitting end of the bath looked distinctly more comfortable. We marked 29 inches in from the back of the bath.

Slowly cut through the bath using an angle grinder.

The cut edge was then sanded.

Remove any remaining silicone sealant. Spray the bath any colour you like.  We sprayed the underside of the bath cream with cream acrylic spray from Novasol Spray UK because it matched the front of the bath. Ensure you fully cover the cut edge of your bath. I was amazed to find chipboard sandwiched in between the plastic layers when we cut through, and the acrylic spray will also form a water resistant barrier on the chipboard too.

Create a chair like frame for the bath to sit on. This particular bath had a gap between the rim and the bath tub itself, so the frame was built so that the rim would just sit on the frame at the back.

To build the frame we started by making sure it would be the right height by resting the bath on a standard dining chair and assessing what height we wanted in comparison.  Then the back legs, and horizontal supports for the back legs only, were made first so we could make sure that the bath rim would sit properly on this part before starting to build the rest of the frame.  Then we added the front legs with horizontal supports that connected to the back legs. Once this basic (and fairly wobbly) frame was made, we then strengthend the frame with more screws and added other supports, including the diagonal supports, and supports that the base of the bath would sit on.

At one point the bath base was going to sit entirely along the middle supports, but then we chose to lift the height of the front of the chair to give a more reclining position.  That is why we added the short horizontal support to the front on the bath base supports in the middle of the frame.

Once your frame is completed consider the finish of the wood. We used a mixture of wood from our wood pile, which had a dark stain on it, plus some new wood. The frame was sprayed with Novasol brick red acrylic spray. Although the wood has slightly different tones I love being able to see the history of the wood through the red.

The basics of the chair are now complete. We have not attached the bath to the frame because it is such a good fit, bt you could if you need to.

If you wish to make cushions make templates out of newspaper, use old curtains and an old duvet for filling.

The cushions are filled with three layers from the former duvet, not easy to cut through but you will get there!

Finally time to sit back, relax and enjoy our combined hard work!

DIY Upcycled Bath Chair, Step by step instructions, upcycled bath seat tutorial

We enjoyed working on a project together, although my husband did most of the construction, and I focussed on diplomatic design input, painting and cushion making! Needless to say I prefer the second upcycled life of this bath because it doesn’t need weeding !! Do you have a favourite upcycled garden project?





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    • Vicky
      July 30, 2017 / 6:34 pm

      Thank you Karen:) It was lovely to work on an idea with my husband – without him it would never have happened!

  1. August 7, 2017 / 1:48 pm

    Very nice idea How could a good thing be made to make things so beautiful, it could not be understood if your blog was not seen. I have some things that I can now use a lot of. Thanks for your post.

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