Make your own phone case with upcycled ties

Make your own phone case with upcycled ties

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I recently received a request for an upcycled tie phone case, with a sketched design. The idea to make the most of the tie shape and highlight the shape in the finished phone case. This seems an ideal tutorial to share as part of zero waste week – perfect for the reuse theme this year.

How to make an upcycled tie phone case

You may have a few men in your life who are somewhat tricky to create gifts for whom this is perfect.

To make your own phone case you will need a tie, lining fabric, and velcro. Some contemplation was given to using a magnetic snap, but I did not want to be responsible if the magnet caused damage to the phone!!

To make your upcycled tie phone holder:

Cut off the large end of your tie 25cm from the tip. Cut a further length 25cm long from the wide end.

Tie cut into 25 cm pieces

Tie a tie knot in the thin end, with the knot finishing approximately 7cm from the end.

Tie end closure

Cut out two pieces of fusible fleece as per the template. Unpick the tie for the two 25cm lengths, removing any lining etc… Iron flat. Iron on the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the tie.

phone holder tie

Lay the right side of your thin tied tie facing the right side of your main tie, centrally along the top. Baste into place.

place closing tie piece

Place the right sides of the tie together. Sew along the sides and bottom of the tie to create the phone holder.

phone holder tie piecing together

Turn right side out.

Cut two pieces of lining fabric the size of the template plus seam allowance. Stitch the sides and bottom.

Place the tie phone holder inside the lining, with right sides together. Ensure your side seams align.

lining - Copy

Stitch along the top, leaving a gap for turning. I suggest you stitch the back.

lining stitching

You may find this tricky to do, the slower you stitch the easier it is to hold fabric out of the way.

Turn right side out. Hand stitch your turning seam.

Lastly hand stitch velcro on the main tie, and the closing flap.

velcro to tie

How do you upcycle ties?




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