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Free toddler bag tutorial

Free toddler bag tutorial

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Toddler play bag, perfect for play shopping, carrying play food etc.. FREE Tutorial


I have made my nephew a variety of felt food for his Christmas present (he will be just 2 years old). Today’s tutorial is to create the toddler bag to keep them in, go pretend shopping with, anything a two year olds imagination stretches to!

Denim Toddler Bag - free pattern

I have utilised an old pair of jeans, an old curtain and some felt to create the perfect sized upcycled toddler bag.

You will need:

  • denim trousers
  • felt
  • lining fabric (this can be anything, I used an old curtain)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine

To make:

Cut a length of your trouser 31cm long (my denim trousers were 26 cm wide)

UPcycled Denim Bag

Cut out your felt to create an applique shape – I created an apple to represent the play food. If you are stuck for ideas carry out an internet search for an applique image of your chosen subject).

Apple felt applique

Stitch your applique design to the center of your denim.

Turn your denim inside out, and stitch along the bottom of your bag.

Denim bag

Turn to the right side out and lay on top of your lining fabric (two layers). Use your bag as template to cut out the liner, including seam allowance.

Bag lining template

Stitch three sides of the lining to create the same shaped bag.

Returning to your denim bag turn inside out. Mark the sides of the bag with a pin.

Toddler bag, side

Fold the side down to the base of the bag, to create a triangular shape.

Bag corners

Mark across a stitch line, 5cm across.

Mark the corners

Stitch across, trim and finish with a zigzag stitch.

Upcycled toddler bag corner

Repeat for your bag lining.

Create the handles by cutting out two strips of denim 37 by 7cm. Fold in the long edges and then fold in half.

Bag handles

Stitch both sides of handles. Pin on the right side your denim bag, in from the sides.

Toddler bag Tutorial

Pull you lining bag over the top, right sides facing. Ensure your handles are lying neatly down the bag. Pin along the top edge. Stitch round leaving a 4″ gap in order to turn the bag right side out.

Assembling the bag

Turn right side out. Fold in raw edge and top stitch round the top of the bag.

Denim toddler bag


Denim food bag

For the felt food tutorials here: jammy dodgers,  pizza – frustratingly I am unable to find a pattern for the cupcakes (mine is photcopied from a library book)

What gifts are you making for this christmas – I love making for others, especially when it is a thrifty make!

Check out pinterest to see other makes I have planned for this christmas:)

I hope you have had an equally productive and creative week. As usual I am popping by Handmade Harbour🙂




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