How to make a felt christmas stocking

How to make a felt christmas stocking

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Who doesn’t love handmade christmas decorations? There is something magical about Christmas, which for me includes making and creating many of the decorations. This year I am focussing on felt christmas decorations.

Handmade Christmas Stocking

This decision may be biased by the fact I happen to have a pile of felted jumpers..  time to make some knitted christmas stockings with no knitting involved!

Felt Christmas Stocking

I purchase a 100% wool jumpers in charity shops, checking the label for hand wash. The jumper is likely to felt successfully if it is labelled hand wash – if it states it can be machine washed then it has been treated to prevent felting. Wash your jumper on the highest temperature wash on your machine, you may decide it needs to be washed twice to properly felt.

To make your handmade christmas stocking lay your felted jumper out  ensuring the hem of the jumper is aligned (front and back).

Felted jumper stocking

Draw your stocking onto the felted jumper using tailors chalk (alternatively cut out a newspaper template as a pattern to cut round).

Christmas StockingCut out your stocking (two sides)

Cut out stocking

Cut out a felt shape, if you are creating a circle you can use a mug as a template.

Mug Template

Play with sequins and beads to create a pattern you are happy with.

Felt decorated stocking

Decorate your felt shape, I used invisible thread (it’s similar to thin fishing wire which is clear).

Sew on your beads

Sew your shape onto the front piece of your stocking. this circular shape was sewn with a blanket stitch.

Handmade stocking

Place the right sides of your stocking together and sew round. Attach a ribbon loop.

Christmas Stocking - Vicky Myers Creations


Check out my pinterest board for more ideas for handmade christmas decorations, or to see more upcycled sweater creations I have a roundup of ideas here.

This post is part of Bugs and Fishes Christmas Craft Tutorial link up, looking forward to seeing other fantastic decoration ideas:)

Whats your favourite handmade christmas decoration?




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