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Zero Waste Week 2014


Zero Waste Week draws to a conclusion tomorrow. I have really enjoyed the week, it’s been lots of fun and I have met some great people on twitter, and read some thought provoking blog posts. But has it been worth it? Have I changed my ways on a longer term basis??


As a result of thinking about food, and menu planning I have cooked far more fresh food- a debate continues re homemade fairy cakes over bought, as they are twice the size, does this mean twice the calories for the children?


I have made homemade granola, at a considerable higher cost to bought – I think I need to find a recipe with considerably less maple syrup in it!


I intend to try some of the recipes shared via blog posts and twitter , particularly this recipe for pancakes which uses up overripe bananas (we are not smoothie or banana cake eaters so this is fab). Plus this recipe for homemade pasta, which does not involve six eggs:)

yoghurt pots

Personally I have recycled all yoghurt pots, been diligent about using the compost bin, and reduced the waste that goes in our bin considerably (although we remain a long way off being waste free).

In respect to scrap fabric I have started a pinterest board with some ideas, but this remains a work in progress!

I am pleased that I have finally signed up to receive no junk mail, and written to my local councillor re left over food waste (I await a reply:) ) Longer term I have discovered the new waste collection service to be introduced in October, this is really going to change our waste with doorstep collection of plastic wrapping.

Have you been prompted into making any lasting changes?


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Zero Waste Week 2014 – Plastic wrapping


Yesterday I shared my menu plan for zero waste week 2014. The next step is to check out what I can recycle locally, in particular plastic wrapping. Sadly there is a large list of the items I cannot put in our recycling bin:

NO THANKS! Things you CAN’T put in your green bin are:

Red cross - no, you shouldn't put shredded paper in the green bin plastic bags, cling film, junk mail bags, packets, yoghurt pots, food trays and tubs
Red cross - no, you shouldn't put envelopes in the green bin wrapping paper, greetings cards, shredded paper or envelopes
Red cross - no, you shouldn't put glass in the green bin glass
Red cross - no, you shouldn't put plastic tubs/pots in the green bin aluminium foil
Red cross - no, you shouldn't put plastic cartons in the green bin any other domestic rubbish
Red cross - no, you shouldn't put plastic bags in the green bin DIY waste
Red cross - no, you shouldn't put plastic bags in the green bin Tetrapaks
Red cross - no, you shouldn't put polystyrene paper in the green bin garden waste.

However I am delighted to discover a local charity The Matthew Project is raising funds through collecting plastic for recycling. Even more amazingly one of their collection points is all of 2 miles away. As our children are extremely fussy eaters who seem to live off yoghurts I am delighted to find a way of recycling yoghurt pots:)

Ellies Fund collect baby wipes, biscuit wrappers, and food pouches. Ellie’s Fund is a Brain Tumour Trust – supporting children & young people across Yorkshire & the Humber who have a brain tumour & raising money for brain tumour research, as well as raising brain tumour awareness.

Whilst researching this post I was excited to read that a new waste collection is starting on the 1st October for roadside collection of yoghurt pots, and plastic food trays. Here’s hoping my local council will soon introduce waste food collection too – keeping a pig is a step too far!

In the meantime envelopes have been added to the compost bin. Plus I have discovered my local supermarket collect recycling for a far wider range of item than I realised, in particular light bulbs and old CD’s – there’s a limit to how many CD coasters we can use!

DIY CD Coaster

Tomorrow I will be sharing a tutorial on how to make an upcycled plastic bag sandwich wrapper. I’ve had great fun having a go at fusing some of the wrappers from food this week.

Fancy joining in the conversation re zero waste week? Check out #zerowasteweek on twitter.


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Zero Waste Week 2014 – Menu Plan


Here in the UK zero waste week 2014 started yesterday, and I have signed up!! Yikes – I am being completely realistic in that inevitable items will end up in the bin, but I am going to make small achievable steps to reduce this.

zero waste week (1)

My pledge is menu plan to reduce food waste. As part of this I am endeavouring to avoid unnecessary plastic whilst doing the weekly shop:)

Zero Waste week coincides with a drive to maximise what we have, and economise on the food budget (holidays next year being the motivation!). With that in mind I have menu planned based on the vegetables in the garden, and food in the freezer.


Monday – Tomato tart, with salad (home grown tomatoes, cucumber & spring onions), pastry from the freezer. The tomatoes are being encouraged to ripen!


Tuesday – French beans,  with grilled beetroot and halloumi – dressed with balsamic vinegar, with new potatoes (home grown french beans & beetroot)

Corn on the cob

Wednesday – Corn on the cob, French beans, Ratatouille, Salmon, with new potatoes (home grown Corn on the cob, french beans, and tomatoes from the ratatouille


Thursday – Pulled Pork, Broccoli, Carrots,

Friday – away (yippee, our annual night away with the grandparents having the children)

Saturday – Chicken curry with rice (using left over roast chicken, with apples and


french beans

Sunday – Chipolata Sausages, corn on the cob, french beans, potatoes

As I type I am conscious of some of the waste from this menu plan, in particular plastic (halloumi cheese, salmon, pastry wrappings for a start). The menu has changed in that I have swapped new potatoes for jacket potatoes – there was a limit to the amount of loose veg I felt I could cope with in the shopping trolley!

My plan is to research the local council recycling policy, and to explore bonding plastic together to create a fabric plastic. I anticipate I will be maximising use of the compost bin, and am really hoping I can encourage the children to eat their crusts!

What small steps could you make to reduce waste this week?? If you feel inspired there are some simple and easy ideas here.


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I am inspired by our wonderful world, creation is constant and yet changing. I feel it is important to respect the environment and where possible to upcycle/recycle. Blessed with creativity I try to appreciate it and develop it:) Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, please do sign up to follow my journey:)

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